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That Perfect Day
Posted Monday, October 13, at 12:56 PM
He was, as now recalled, about 19 years old on that perfect day. It was just one of those days when the temperature and the humidity and the light fluffy white clouds floating wistfully across the bluest of skies made weathermen proud. He had a new, off-the-showroom-floor Buick convertible of an indescribably stunning green-blue color never to be seen again. He'd be using it later to pick up a pretty girl, whose name had long since been forgotten...

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Where is God in all this mess?
Posted Wednesday, September 24, at 3:19 PM

If you have not been watching the news lately, don't. About once a week there is a report about a forest fire which has broken out and caused massive damage. Then, almost incidentally, it might be noted that this fire is just one of 30 or so burning across the nation...

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Prayer for Julia Pierson
Posted Thursday, September 11, at 11:58 PM

"I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people -- for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior..." (I Timothy 2.1-3, NIV)...

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"Repent! The End is near!"
Posted Monday, August 18, at 12:08 PM

The "Repent!" part is always useful ("He who is without sin" and all that). The "End is near!" part? Well, maybe. If you are one who braves TV news, chances are you're aware there is a lot of bad stuff going around -- wars and rumors of wars, plagues and pestilence, and yet another go-around involving the nation of Israel...

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Spanking Machine sign-ups
Posted Monday, July 28, at 4:42 PM

Our two eldest granddaughters, bon bonny Britney and the original Hailee Lynn, will all too soon be starting their sophomore year at Northview High School. As the newest part of the back-to-school ritual they went with their father to get new laptop computers. As it is easy to tease granddaughters, I keep bugging them about getting fitted for a "teenage girl size spanking machine"...

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The band, the fish, and the angels
Posted Thursday, July 3, at 12:59 PM

First granddaughter, the original Hailee Lynn, makes a vital contribution to the Northview Marching Band. At least that's how her proud grandparents see the thing. She marches while playing the clarinet. As I could not play even a Kazoo on pitch with or without marching, my admiration goes out to those who have the dedication to master any instrument...

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My father said
Posted Thursday, June 12, at 4:28 PM

No one keeps score. Okay, maybe one of our five children has, but I doubt it. Anyhow, best guess is that I cannot go through any full seven-day period without quoting something my father said or taught. It is interesting sitting here writing this that I can't come up with a list of things my father said; seems like it takes circumstance to bring something specific to mind. As I get old (and I am) it worries me that I've told the same thing to the same person too many times before...

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Ordinary Pains Praying
Posted Wednesday, May 21, at 11:31 AM

"Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God? But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows." (Luke 12.6,7, KJV) As a regular part of the morning services at Christ Community Church there is an open invitation for those who wish prayer. ...

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The Art of Hermeneutics
Posted Monday, May 12, at 12:52 PM

One of the Bible verses my mother made me learn as a child, and which she herself repeated often, was II Timothy 2.15: "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." This was one of many things which came back to me Sunday morning as Pastor Rich Laskowski of Christ Community Church continued the study on actually studying the Bible. ...

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Assignment #1
Posted Monday, April 28, at 3:26 PM

Sunday morning something occurred to me at church and it seemed like there'd be a Scripture related to it. Of course, I knew about where to look. This is a way I feel-out whether the Spirit is trying to hammer something into my dull mind -- if I can more-or-less remember where it is in the Bible. A little more assured if I can remember the book and chapter, alerted if the exact verse comes to mind (or my Bible "coincidentally" opens thereto)...

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Demise of XP is killing me
Posted Monday, April 14, at 5:05 PM

Those few and brave souls who read these meandering blogs with any regularity may be familiar with the fact that most of my "retirement" days are spent helping #2 son, Nathan, run Computer Central. If it weren't for this I'd have nothing to do but sit home and watch endless reruns of Law & Order...

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Posted Wednesday, April 2, at 10:08 AM

Taking the risk that one will be forgiven for paraphrasing Rachel, Queen of the Nightline: "Here is the latest news about the missing airplane.. "There is no new news about the missing airplane... "There has been no new news about the missing airplane for four days.....

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Six ways to observe the elephant
Posted Monday, March 24, at 10:58 AM

Recently, there was opportunity to interrupt my busy schedule for five relaxing days visiting old friends at one of the area's finest spots for lounging, Union Hospital. The fun-filled climax to this Medicare-paid visit was an excursion to its heart-catheterization lab!...

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Wearing of the Green
Posted Tuesday, March 11, at 1:36 PM

It's about that time of year when I play my four Irish music CDs and pull out my "official" St Pat vestments: A favorite green shirt -- gift from our #5 daughter, Lisa Pioneer Seed Company sweater -- purchased some years back from Goodwill @ $3 My obnoxiously gaudy green, 39-cent tie -- also a Goodwill purchase...

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Church connection
Posted Thursday, February 27, at 10:06 PM

In about every church journeyed to and through most folks drive to church and see fellow members only once a week. Sure, those who are totally involved know the others who are totally involved in the work of the church. But, too often most of us don't know much more than that man or woman's name (when we can remember it)...

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Our other son
Posted Thursday, February 13, at 2:47 PM

This story must begin, as it does this time every year, at the beginning -- on Feb. 12, 1965. It was on that day, at Hodge's Skating Rink in St. Louis, Mo., that I met Kay Allen, the prettiest girl there. Being me, I asked her out for the following Sunday, Valentine's Day. It's still the anniversary we're most likely to celebrate...

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Saving with the Duke
Posted Thursday, February 6, at 3:48 PM

One cold and windy day a few weeks back an inexcusably enthusiastic young lady came to our front door soliciting Home Energy Assessment sponsored by Duke Energy Company at no cost to participate. Having begun life selling magazines door-to-door, I was sympathetic to her efforts and impressed by her demeanor. And, did I mention, it was a very windy, cold day? How could we refuse?...

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Requiem for the non-repairable
Posted Monday, January 20, at 12:07 PM

There was a recent visit to our town by something named Polar Vortex. Perhaps you heard about it? Not being foolish enough to go out to meet this visitor ourselves, Kay and I only heard about it on the news. During the above referenced visit (with perhaps a little help from a certain 2-year old granddaughter playing with dials) our faithful electric space heater performed its final duty and burned out its wiring before burning down the house...

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New Year, New Blogs
Posted Tuesday, January 7, at 9:50 AM

For sake of perspective, this was written Monday January 6, 2004, my first official sick day for 2014. I am officially sick of snow, sick of the cold, and sick of hearing what the wind-chill index reads. I am also sick with a very bad cold (the correlation there being obvious)...

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The 44th Wizard of Us -- Part VI
Posted Monday, December 30, at 6:29 PM

We resume again the story of which this is neither the beginning, which cannot yet be written, nor the story of the ending, which cannot yet be known. It is, once more, the tale of the 44th Wizard of Us and the closing of the 5th cycle of his wizardship -- closed with three cycles yet to be spun...

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