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Tuesday's Paper

Posted Thursday, January 15, 2009, at 9:03 AM

There was no Brazil Times in Tuesday's mail. All we got was the usual junk mail. I kinda look forward to getting the paper because I'm pretty sure it's the only thing we get which ain't junk.

Actually, nobody got a paper Tuesday. They announced at the first of the year this issue would be discontinued in a cost saving effort. While I appreciate what they are doing and hope it succeeds, we always scour the paper for much appreciated local news. Let me rephrase that -- my wife scours the paper and she is the one who misses it. Mostly I just check out the obituaries to see if my name is there. You know how it is, at a certain point in life your highest priority becomes finding out how many people younger than you have kicked-the-bucket. Like George Burns used to say, if my name isn't listed among the recently departed I get up.

While I do like getting The Brazil Times -- we've been subscribers for 12 years -- it is a lot of, well, paper. And it does pile up. We also pay for the Sunday issue of the Terre Haute paper, which brings in one day almost as much paper to dispose of as a week's worth of The Brazil Times. For some reason about Christmas we started getting the Terre Haute paper on Friday and Saturday, also. This I think is a mistake on the part of the carrier (they aren't smart enough to just mail it), because I know I'm not going to pay for it. Anyhow, we're getting a lot of paper. About every six months someone tries to get me to take a second daily paper, and occasionally I get a call wondering if an astute retiree like me wouldn't just love to also get one of the national dailies? Exactly where I would stack all this paper the telephone solicitor does not say. If I ever decided to study for a doctorate I think my thesis would have something to do with the number of trees I save by only taking The Brazil Times, minus a Tuesday delivery.

In all these years we have rarely thrown the papers in the trash. This just seemed like adding an unnecessary burden to the city's problems. And, no, it is not stacked up in the basement. We do the civic-minded recycle thing. About once a month I take a box full out to Wallace Brothers Disposal in Knightsville. This is the latest in a long line of places which have been used to accept recycling by the Clay-Owen-Vigo Solid Waste District. Their recycling locations have bounced around a bit, but seem to have settled down at Wallace Brothers the past few years. Kay collects plastic bottles and tin cans, and we get a lot of cardboard. She tells me they want this stuff, too, so I take it. It comes to enough to justify the trip -- and there are just the two of us. Of course it might not be worth the effort without all those newspapers [how many tons do you suppose there have been?].

Recycling has become right popular lately, and maybe you should try it. If there are two or more people in your house (and you are astute enough to subscribe to The Brazil Times), there's enough stuff coming in the place to justify the effort. Just don't try to recycle Tuesdays' paper.

David L. Lewis is an observer of and sometimes commentator on life who may be reached via e-mail at kayanddavid@joink.com.

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Kudos to you David for blogging about recycling. When we put things in the trash, we are not really throwing it away. we are just relocating it to a different place. It's not like we are jettisoning it off the planet! Eventually there will be NO place left.

We have cut what goes into the trash by 50% since we started recycling. By flattening cereal boxes and other cardboard containers, both aluminum and tin cans, plastics, all sorts of paper, and even glass if you are willing to haul it over to ISU's recycling center as they take it there. I try to throw it in the care when I make a trip to Terre HAute so I'm not wasting fuel and time making a special trip for the glass. That would be counterproductive. Both the humans society in Clay county and Vigo will take those newspapers too if you pass by their locations.

I have suggested to Wallace Bros that they might start charging for trash removal by the bag instead of by the week. Would promote more people to recycle, would help to slow the filling up of our landfills, and in long run would end up being less expensive all around as Wallace wouldn't have to make so many trips over to the landfill and might be able to lower their rates.

Maybe the city can do this on trial basis to see how it works

-- Posted by Jenny Moore on Thu, Jan 15, 2009, at 3:21 PM

Jenny....Do you live in the city? For some crazy reason, I thought you were a county resident.

-- Posted by littletad on Thu, Jan 15, 2009, at 10:30 PM

Great blog Mr. Lewis! It is wonderful that you and your wife recycle! Like Jenny said, when you are throwing out your garbage, you aren't actually throwing it out--it is still around-in a landfill-which are filling up at an alarming rate of speed. Some states are even shipping their garbage to other states! Bring your newspapers to the Humane Society-they can put them to good use! Terre Haute has a wonderful recycling program on N. Ninth St. that is run by Indiana State University. They have recyle bins for everything-paper, plastic, alumiunum, cardboard, cans, and bottles-all colors of bottles. I believe, they are the only recycling place in Terre Haute that still accepts glass. Every person should be aware of just how much actual trash they create. You can think about this when you are at the store-purchase the items with less packaging. Less packaging means less garbage or items that need to be recycled. Purchase cloth/cotton reusable bags to put your groceries and purchases in. Don't accept the evil plastic bags they use in stores-these spend forever in landfills. About your issue with the Terre Haute Tribune Star and only signing up for the Sunday edition--I did the same thing several years ago, it went fine for the first month, and then they started delivering to me the Friday and Saturday editions as well. I made several calls to their office explaining I only signed up for the Sunday edition and only wanted the Sunday edition, they informed me that it was a mix-up by the carrier and I would only recieve the Sunday edition from here on out, well needless to say, I continued to get the Friday & Saturday as well. When I got the bill, they had charged me for Friday & Saturday! More calls to their office-and they still didn't understand why I didn't want to also receive the news on Friday & Saturday. I said I only signed up for Sunday! And then, the carrier places a note on my door stating that she was in financial duress-her husband had lost his job and her delivery route was their sole means of income--guilt trip I thought? Should I just continue to get the Friday and Saturday, although I didn't sign up for them and never had the time to read them? I paid the bill & then cancelled the subscription altogether. If a business cannot understand what the customer wants, I decided to no longer be a customer! I think they may be tricking you into the Sunday (which happens to also include Friday & Saturday editions apparently)! Just cancel like I did & read it for free online! :)

-- Posted by millertime on Fri, Jan 16, 2009, at 7:25 AM


No I am in county. I have suggested my idea of charging per bag to Wallace Bros as they pick up my trash out here but they so far don't see how it would work as some might chose to then burn their trash and discontinue paying for pick up [which I might add is increasing pollution, especially when one burns plastic etc and I thought also illegal]. Maybe in city where people can't opt out of getting their trash picked up, the charge per bag option can be accomplished. I have seen it done in other states and the Logo of trash company or City is imprinted on the bags that are sold and ONLY that is picked up on regular basis. All other trash is deemed special pick up with extra charge. This is something city might work out to see how it works. Some people will not recycle unless it benefits their pocketbook as they only worry about themselves and not the earth. This way it would give them incentive to recycle. Think about it if all those milk jugs, soda cans, cereal boxes, newspapers, junk mail etc etc weren't in your trash. [do shred and throw away bills that contain personal information. I am talking catalogs and other "junk mail that you receive in mail]. Even paper livestock feed bags can be recycled. We went from producing almost a 30 gallon bag of trash per person per week to half that amount and less some weeks. Think about what we could do with regard to extending the life of our landfills if everybody did it?

Recycling isn't just using products made out of recycled materials. It's preventing those materials from cluttering up landfills.


Isn't out of state garbage hauling into the Clay County landfill the reason it filled up so fast? That is reason I heard anyway. It was before I moved here.

-- Posted by Jenny Moore on Fri, Jan 16, 2009, at 8:59 AM

If the paper no longer has suscribers no one will be reading on line for free very long I would think.

-- Posted by Centered on Fri, Jan 16, 2009, at 10:15 AM

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