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Can Spring be Far?

Posted Sunday, February 22, 2009, at 5:10 PM

The Clay County Business Showcase was this past Saturday at the Armory. Many area businesses and local purpose-oriented non-profit groups were represented. One of the latter, the exotic animal rescue and shelter folk, even had some kind of wild cat thing. There is only one thing I know about wild animals, they are wild animals. Not sure exactly what kind of animal it was, I kept my distance. I actually arrived late in the afternoon and apparently missed much of the crowd who, being smarter than me, came and went before the snow did. From all reports, though, before I got there "a good time was had by all."

Our Amish friends with their hand crafted window display were on hand again this year. The Showcase was only one day, which was just as well for them as they never came back on Sunday anyhow. Also saw the owner of Brazil Garage Door whom I had mentioned in my last blog. Told him our children had given their broken-down daddy a garage door opener which the vendor could not install, so there it sits in our dining room. He promised to call. I talked with two other good friends we've made over the years, and who we see a lot more often than just at the Showcase, Rob and Vanita Moore of Moore Funeral Home. Rob is the epitome of the friendly undertaker and is somewhat aware of my ever questionable heart. He assured me one time that there was no "expiration date" embedded anywhere on my body, that I'll live as long as God needs me here and not there. It is always good to talk with Rob standing up and with one's eyes wide open -- as opposed to how he usually "meets" those with whom he "works."

The Showcase (which used to be called an Expo) is one of those things usually scheduled in that nasty time of year we call winter. Before that was Autumn, between Labor Day and New Years, when no one would be much interested and there is too much else to do. This is the time of year we're looking for something to do, but it has to be inside (any ex-Canadians excluded). These inside events tend to culminate with High School basketball Sectionals when, it is reliably reported, we'll also see the last snowstorm of the season.

I like to attend the Showcase, walking around and meeting people and picking up an occasional give-away item I can use and any random candy which may have hitherto gone unclaimed. As a general rule I want to do all within my power to encourage both local business and local efforts by volunteers to improve our community. But, even as I moved about I could somehow hear off in the distance some person somewhere wondering if they should keep this or that for a yard sale? I don't know who or where, but surely the same day some unheralded volunteer was making plans for a Fish Fry or a Festival or some other fun thing to do when the weather breaks (after the Sectionals).

Doubt very much they had anything like a Business Showcase back in his day, but surely Shelley had something like it in mind when he wrote "if winter comes can spring be far behind?"

David L. Lewis is an observer of and sometimes commentator on life who may be reached via e-mail at kayanddavid@joink.com.

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Also there is some wisdom in this quote Mr. Lewis, "To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring " Now if only I could actually think like that !

-- Posted by Soni on Sun, Feb 22, 2009, at 6:42 PM

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