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Turn On the AC!

Posted Monday, April 27, 2009, at 8:50 AM

There is a sort of universal natural law, for all I know it's in the Constitution or the Bible even: People who are always hot must be matched up with someone who is always cold.

Cold is my natural enemy, from which I possess no effective defense. Even as a kid whenever we went swimming my mother would need to take extra towels and a blanket to keep me warm. Naturally this meant that God, in His infinite wisdom, would pair me off with a woman who can't sleep without a fan nearby. This doesn't work too badly during the winter -- even people always hot need a working furnace. Then comes Spring.

The long promised First Day of Spring has come. With it we have birds, and leaves, and the promise of hot days to come. It's not really hot yet (or at least not by we cold-folk's standards). But the outside temp did get above 70 degrees, so on came the air-conditioners. In my heart of hearts I think of AC as "the monster." Kay, being perhaps the most considerate wife of earth, was content to open the windows and pull in some Spring air. My hope is that we can get through one month, May, with a high bill neither from Vectren nor Duke. Life, it is rumored, can exist on earth without air-conditioning.

Sunday I spent part of the day sitting on our back porch watching the clouds blow past and the wind blowing in the trees back of our house. The wind also brought with it another sign of spring -- the hum of air-conditioners from various neighbor's homes. That is what we do when it starts to get warm -- close all the windows and doors, fire-up the AC, and turn up the sound on the television. None then venture outside in the evenings until October, unless the grass needs mowing. I'm thankful grass grows; it lets us know certain neighbors are still alive. Last two summers Kay has mowed the grass on one side of the house east of us; the neighbor on the other side has been doing the rest. The house is empty, we're not sure why.

The last two Springs I had thought about trying to organize a Block Party. This is something we did back in St. Louis (a much bigger neighborhood by the way). Those gatherings went a long way toward encouraging folks to spend less time inside. I actually even remembered some of the neighbor's names. As I now recall, it was the then mayor of St. Louis who encouraged these gatherings. As always, however, in promoting a gathering here at Vermont & Forest my spirit was willing but the flesh too weak.

I sat on my back porch Sunday thinking how blessed we are in Brazil. No earthquake woke me this morning; no reports of tornados striking Clay County; somewhere someone may have suffered the tragedy of a fire, but our block was not a raging inferno. As the day passed the sound of lawnmowers were heard above the hum of AC. How blessed we are to live in Brazil Indiana now that Spring is here! Before you turn on the AC, how does someone go about organizing a Block Party? Ann Bradshaw do you have any ideas?

David L. Lewis is an observer of and sometimes commentator on life who may be reached via e-mail at kayanddavid@joink.com.

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