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Making June 25th National Holiday!

Posted Tuesday, June 23, 2009, at 9:52 AM

As you are probably aware, June 25 is the anniversary of the infamous "Custer's Last Stand."

This was the battle in 1876 when my heroic ancestor Sitting Bull slaughtered the Yankee imperialist Gen. George Armstrong Custer and his troop at the Little Big Horn River.

With all the efforts to "apologize" for actions taken by long-dead and forgotten Americans against equally long-dead "victims," seems like we could have a national holiday to honor the only memorable victory by the Sioux "Native Americans."

Over the years Custer has been seen as everything from a brilliant American hero, to a butcher of helpless women and children, to a cartoon baboon. As with many anti-heroes, the truth is "oft times buried with them." He had some personal "idiosyncrasies" that even in 1870s got him in trouble with the Army. Part of his legend is that he wanted to run for President of the United States. In today's environment those same "idiosyncrasies" might serve him well in politics. Whatever we think now, his commander in the field had enough confidence in Custer to put him in the vanguard of the Indian "hunt" of 1876.

All of which begs the question:

Why was Custer slaughtered at the Little Big Horn?

Over the years historians have postulated a number of explanations, but the bottom line is this:

No. 1 -- He divided too few forces too thin, and

No. 2 -- Tried to do too many things at the same time.

Sound like anybody you know?

I for one see this mind-set quite often; quite commonly in working mothers, often in newspaper-blog editors, and daily in a certain computer technician of my acquaintance.

What we need to justly commemorate Custer's futility is a national day devoted to all those who fail to do one thing in their effort to do everything.

So, here are my proposals for a National "Custer's Last Stand Day" --

* First, the only ones who would have to work would be Postal and bank employees. We would hold all our mail and banking business for a month and then spend several hours dumping paperwork on them. Seems only fair, most of us have to work on many other national holidays.

* Second, everybody would spend the day making absolutely everyone they know completely happy -- no matter how often one person's happiness made someone else miserable. This would certainly lend itself to making a much more interesting holiday than fooling with the barbeque.

* Third, each of us could submit to the White House an absolutely perfect solution to any one of the problems facing the President. Each solution should please every person on earth, cost nothing, and reduce the national debt -- world peace being optional.

Then, at the end of the day we could, like Custer, silently admit to ourselves defeat comes to all those who try to do too many things at once and divide resources too thin.

Not me, of course, I never take on more than I can handle. As proof I can offer ten affidavits from each of my fellow inmates at the institution Kay's taking me to right after trying to write a Blog agreeable to every possible reader.

David L. Lewis is an observer of and sometimes commentator on life who may be reached via e-mail at kayanddavid@joink.com.

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