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Posted Friday, November 27, 2009, at 1:24 PM

For those keeping score at home, for Thanksgiving we, too, had turkey + everything duly required for such a day. This may fairly be attributed almost entirely to Kay (a.k.a. "Grandma") spending hours and hours preparing our dinner. This is something she has done for some 40-plus such annual events, and has gotten quite good at. This year, as in the past five or so, she's sworn that next year we're going to one of the kid's house instead.

She's a good cook and I am thankful she is. As previously chronicled, left to a mere man (i.e., me) we'd have had to order Pizza. I put so little thought into Thanksgiving preparations didn't even check to see if any of the local Pizzerias would be open.

Was thankful we didn't have pizza (or, ever worse, turkey pizza). Thankful, also, our eldest son, Kenneth, and his family came. Also appreciate, to a lesser degree certainly, for the broadcasts of two football games -- even if we did bear with an hour or so of figure skating to please the women in our lives.

It's hard to be thankful sometimes. I think this is because we have so much. We live in and have reared and now see our children rear a generation which has so very, very much for which to be thankful. Then, having known no other world, assume what we and they have is some kind of entitlement. It is hard to remember to be thankful for ordinary things simply because they are ordinary things.

Our daughter, Susan, got me started on this track. She has been posting something each day on Facebook for which she is thankful. Simple ordinary thoughts unnoticed if un-considered.

Spent Thanksgiving Day trying to think of ordinary things with which to be thanksfilled; things so closer I ordinarily have not thought to notice.

Whatever and wherever there was to eat, the American economic system which delivered it to Brazil Indiana is something to be thankful for; especially if you ever eat anything at all.

Fresh air is something to be thankful for, especially if you once lived in a big city (or certain parts of an unidentified smaller city in westernmost Indiana).

The ability to get into an automobile and drive from here to there is something to be thankful for, especially when "there" fits no one else's schedule.

There are some "everyday" things for which I never fail to be thanksfilled:

When she was a little girl I'd tell Susan that anyone can be ordinary, that it takes effort to be special. Susan is certainly not ordinary, she is very special. And I never for one moment of my life forget to be thankful we have her.

Next year Grandma will again spend hours preparing a meal devoured in 20 minutes, something which could become ordinary after 40-plus years. I never for one moment of my life forget to be thankful I have her: She takes better care of me than I deserve, and I certainly could not live by pizza alone.

David L. Lewis is an observer of and sometimes commentator on life who may be reached via e-mail at kayanddavid@verizon.com.

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