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Cyberspacing with the Stars

Posted Thursday, April 29, 2010, at 8:28 PM

One of the more mysterious features of the Internet is that whatever gets out there is -- well -- out there. They say it's out there in cyberspace Forever, too.

For example, about one millisecond after this gets posted to The Brazil Times website I will be able to Google any chosen name or phrase and instantly pull up this very articulate and well written (always politically correct!) article.

And, there are people out there looking for certain names or phrases that get indelibly stamped on the Net. My last Blog was about Earth Day, and by the next day we received an e-mail from Charlotte Hindle of Recycler Trade Magazine requesting permission to put my Blog on their website. Was curious why I'd never heard of them before; turns out they are in the United Kingdom. That's England, on the other side of the earth, right?

While certainly not overwhelmed with such responses, it is scary to think somebody out there is actually searching for something I might say.

Ms Hindle's and other responses have me thinking about questions I've wanted to ask some movie stars, but will never have opportunity. It occurs to me that just by posting my questions here somehow they might get the question and send me an answer.

Martin Sheen

Did you really play Confederate general Robert E Lee in the movie "Gettysburg?" I've watched it no less than half-dozen times and can never find a trace of Martin Sheen or President Jed Bartlett of "West Wing" fame.

Alan Alda

Yes, I know you are not really he; but after seeing absolutely every episode of MASH at least three times, I've come to believe you must know Hawkeye better than anyone else. What I would like to know is this: Whatever happened to Hawkeye? Was he really content being a small town doctor in Maine, or did the realities of war make him too restless?

Robin Williams

When Ernie Kovacs died in a car accident in 1962 Chet Huntley showed a bit Kovacs had done on the nightly news. Something Huntley said has always stayed with me: "That wasn't the best thing Ernie Kovacs ever did. Strangely enough, nothing he did was the best thing he ever did." I've often wondered, will someone someday say the same thing about Robin Williams?

Jane Fonda

Certainly there are things in your life of which you are justifiably prouder, but the funniest movie ever made was "Barefoot in the Park." And, the second most beautiful woman I ever saw in a movie was a young Jane Fonda in Barefoot in the Park. There's no question here. But, Miss Fonda, if you'll ask I'd be glad to tell you who was the most beautiful woman I ever saw in a movie.

So, now my questions for these celebrities are out there in cyberspace, and I can wait for their answer -- Forever.

David L. Lewis is an observer of and sometimes commentator on life who may be reached via e-mail at kayanddavid@verizon.net.


Ed McMahon

No, you haven't promised to come by my house with ten million dollars for quite some time. Your name and the promises you made for so many years do linger on, however. But, just in case you have one of those checks left over, I'm still wondering: Will my doorbell ever ring?

Incidentally Ed, if you do come by and don't find me at home, just stop at The Brazil Times. Most likely Jason Moon or Lynn Llewellyn will be glad to hold the money for me; and John Adamson would probably volunteer to be my agent.

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