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Seven for Eleven

Posted Monday, January 3, 2011, at 9:56 AM

Happy New Year 2011!

New Years is, indeed, a useful time to look to the future, to wish each other well, to "turn over a new leaf" and seek new accomplishments. After due consideration of at least five minutes, came up with seven things I fully intend to accomplish given a fresh new year with which to work:

No. 1 - Single-handedly save Medicare from bankruptcy

Apparently this is the official year for baby-boomers to become eligible for Medicare. Seems those youngsters are about to put a financial load on a system us oldster thought our domain. My contribution to saving Medicare is to not be sick in 2011. Will diligently ignore those nuisance old-age pains and just take two aspirins then not call the doctor. That'll show these newbies how it's done.

No. 2 - Spy on everything our kids do

When our children get together they inevitably get around to talking about things one or another did growing up about which daddy never knew. Fortunately, through the grace of Mark Zuckerburg, we now have Facebook. Now I can just log on and find out what's going on in their lives. They never tell their daddy anything, for everybody else they post it on the Internet.

No. 3 -- Not vote for anybody for anything

It may be there is no one, living or dead, who actually understands Indiana politics. If there is, it's not me. But, is there any way we could get through just one year with no political commercials, diatribes, or family feuds?

No. 4 -- Write blogs worth writing

As said before, only write this stuff to find out what I think. When not writing I keep thinking I will run out of things worth writing and putting on the worldwide web. If I can just get past my health and children, may find out what I'm thinking.

No. 5 - Be a Brazil business Booster

Is this a great town to live in or what? There is literally something for everybody to do, if only you take a look around. And, the backbone of it all is the local business. Got a lot of Looney Tunes thoughts on boosting Brazil, maybe I could write some blogs about that?

No. 6 - Let God defend Himself

It always worries me when anyone, especially me, thinks they know what God wants from any one. A lot of really not-the-best things are happening in the world; but until given the authority to change things, plan to continue letting God worry about the ultimate outcome of 2011 and beyond.

No. 7 - Find new ways to say I love you

If by this stage of my life I have to prove to my wife or children that I passionately love them each individually, my life is a complete failure. Finding a new ways to express love, though, is always a good way to begin and end any new year.

What is vital about a new year, the best any can do, is acknowledge where and who we are -- then to build something better than we did when last given a new year with which to work. Any year which encompasses those things is a happy new year.

David L. Lewis is an observer of and sometimes commentator on life who may be reached via e-mail at kayanddavid@frontier.com.

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