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They're Back!

Posted Wednesday, January 19, 2011, at 9:38 AM

It came, insidiously, in the routine of afternoon mail. A plain, No. 10 window envelope, with "USA-flag style" bulk mailing stamp; return address printed in 10-point font on the back, daring the recipient to guess its sender without opening.

Like most junk mail it could have been, should have been, discarded unopened and unread. It was only the readily recognizable name on the return information which engendered a second glance and fateful investigation into the predictable content.

Following merely 60-days hibernation the contending (and contentious) candidates "Are Back!"

A politician needs my "help" for the 2012 election. The solicitation coming, one assumes coincidentally, soon after the new Congress was sworn-in.

Are such people not wise enough to read these brilliant and inspired blogs? Was it not this month, just two weeks ago, when one of seven accomplishments set forth for 2011 was to not have to deal with politics this year, to wit:

"It may be there is no one, living or dead, who actually understands Indiana politics. If there is, it's not me. But, is there any way we could get through just one year with no political commercials, diatribes, or family feuds? "

It is not that I have anything against this particular letter writer personally. Of course he makes a point of having voted against several things which, having passed anyway, are of benefit to me and mine. But, he's been in public office longer than I've been in Indiana (1996), and don't recall hearing anything particularly bad about him.

OK, maybe someone new to the game has to start a year in advance; but why should elected representatives have to start running for re-election one-second after being sworn in? All I ask is to be left alone by incommodious office seekers, if only for some period of time longer than 60 days.

Is there no better way to run a country?

Someone, don't recall who, once said something to this effect: "There are some problems not worthy of contemplation until given the power to impose a solution." That cravat considered; given the power, these seem solutions worthy of imposition:

1 -- Let's make the minimum term for office holding four years. Two-year terms for United States Representative may have made sense in the 1780s, but all it does now is to cause waste of money and energy -- and generate junk mail!

2 -- How about a limit for all offices (federal and state) of two Consecutive terms? This would give a whole second term to do stuff other than raise money for the next election. After several years off (e.g. Jerry Brown, Dan Coats) if they are dumb enough to run for office again (e.g. Jerry Brown, Dan Coats) more power to them.

Until given the power to affect these brilliant and inspired solutions, "They're Back!" All we direct-mail recipient victims can do in self-defense is not open their mailings (check the back of the envelope before opening).

David L. Lewis is an observer of and sometimes commentator on life who may be reached via e-mail at kayanddavid@frontier.com.

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If my Constitutional memory serves me right, this would take an amendment. Our lawmakers can't agree on what brand of toilet paper to use in the bathrooms much less how long they should serve public office.

-- Posted by theoneinthearmy on Thu, Jan 20, 2011, at 8:16 AM

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