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The 44th Wizard of Us -- Part II

Posted Monday, August 22, 2011, at 9:28 AM

Alas, it is a tale told, with certain variation, these forty-three instances beforetime.

Three things surprised the Wizard just as the inauguration festivities ended.

First, in the years wanting to be the nation's leader he hadn't realized things were really worse than he'd been telling everyone they were.

And, the Wizard was amazed to discover the Wizard, any Wizard, was almost powerless to solve any of the problems that were worse than he'd been telling everyone they were. Only now, as with Wizards, was it evident if it could be solved it would have been.

Most surprising, though, was learning there was no magic wand issued to any Wizard. The problems would not solve themselves, and there would be no instant solutions to any issue making its way to the royal round room. Taking on of the Cloak of Authority it seems yielded no supernatural abilities.

He had, of course, known things were bad. Everyone in the nation knew things were bad; everyone in the world knew things were bad, really bad. No one understood why any would-be Wizard might seek to deal with problems that either had no solution or the solution of which created multiple new problems. He had wanted to be Wizard, anyhow; somehow thinking things could be changed which had been entrenched since founding of the country.

In his quest to lead he had been victor over both enemies and compatriots. He was enthusiastic, charismatic, and exuded confidence. In short, just what the nation needed, or at least had believed they did.

As the cleaning crews completed their work following the Inauguration Ball his vanquished enemies began a crusade to destroy him and put their own illusionist in his place. His comrades in arms began, silently, to doubt. At the very time civility and compromise and patriotism was in the best national interest, they must be denied the latest Wizard.

The most recent prior Wizard had initiated wizard warfare on two fronts, both with mystical enemies and for mystical justifications. This, as we know, was uncommon Wizardry legerdemain, but not unprecedented. With these high and holy hostilities the nation was forced into something of a cash-flow crisis, a predictable result whenever Wizards wage warfare.

This new leader found that (as it is with all Wizards) inherited problems were immediately seen as of his making; while they who would be king or kingmaker denied him any simple and obvious solution.

Adversaries of the Circle of Demagogues ignored their own history and did all in their power to make it seem the newly anointed guilty of failure to resolve all with a wave of the wand which they well knew did not exist.

Being popular, at first, and still holding allegiance of a majority in the Circle of Demagogues, the Wizard was able to place the royal signet on many pieces of worthy edicts, a few less than stellar ones, and perhaps one or two which ought not to have been. Would these, or any thereof, solve any of the problems found upon taking over? Only history and time would tell. History is weighed too late and time not a luxury Wizards enjoy.

The second year of the immediate reign nearing a close, the people grew discontent. They had handed the young Wizard impossible, sometimes-conflicting problems defying solution. And they really had expected he of all possible Wizards would bring a magic wand to the kingdom, take up the Cloak of Authority, and return all to olden times. It was never to be. The burdens left by his predecessors would not be overcome so quickly.

Slowly, imperceptibly they of the fabricators sect (and a few of his own comrades) pushed their enigmatic point until a mummer was heard in the land, "Does any other possess Wizard magic?"

There is more to the Wizard's tale, but for another day.

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Dear Dave,

And you say your not a writer?

Perfectly brilliant!!!


-- Posted by Charles Hear on Tue, Aug 23, 2011, at 12:16 PM

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