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The 44th Wizard of Us -- Part III

Posted Monday, August 29, 2011, at 9:03 AM

Alas, it is a tale told, with certain variation, these forty-three instances beforetime.

As his third year began the 44th Wizard had done his best, as had most of those before him. For the greater part he'd done, or tried to do, what he'd said he would do before he found out (as all Wizards do) how bad the problems really were and how helpless Wizards are in their face.

He had learned a lot, causing changes in thinking on some real problems; and overall he had not lied to the people. It was just that there had been no magic wand after all, and things outside any human or magic control had moved the nation and world in directions uncontrollable and unforeseeable.

Because Wizards are oft blamed for all this, "Long live the Wizard" was not heard often in the land.

Of course everyone knew the problems the 44th Wizard had been handed two years prior accumulated over many decades. And, the time had long passed when they might be resolved by those holding lesser positions. None of this mattered to the populace, who had truly expected this latest Wizard to be the one to vanquish all in 100 days.

A minor rebellion occurred in the land, as it most often does two years into any Wizard's province. As with all such discontentment, those who shouted loudest and longest held sway and the Wizard lost strength in the Circle of Demagogues.

The spiritual enemies of the land did all possible to make the Wizard look bad, nipping and biting here and there as opportunity offered. According to the "Theorem of Flabbergasting" first postulated by Rachel queen of the nightline: If two directions possible, whichever direction the Wizard suggested must be condemned by his antagonist (even if first imaginated by said antagonist).

Added to this, The Warlords of Lucre reaped where they had not sowed, and visited any loss on the most defenseless of the land.

None of this did the Wizard create or control or could change; all was laid at his feet.

The time would soon come when defense must be made of his leadership of the realm. Contenders arose to sway the people to one extreme or another.

Some of those who would be Wizard boasted experience of Court Jester. These, after the useless expenditure of much coin of the realm, would in time quit the pursuit.

Other contenders, considered more carefully, could point to Wizard-like deeds done in a providence of the land or having raised loyal opposition in the Circle of Demagogues.

None who would be Wizard yet knew there was no magic wand, that the Cloak of Authority yielded no absolutes. Only they who had actually held the title "Mr. Wizard" knew what was in store for those who bore the burden of the royal round room.

And thus, as it behooves Wizards so to do, the 44th added to his immeasurable and impossible duties the seeking of enough support in enough of the providences to continue the work so earnestly and honestly begun -- and which he by now knew could be completed by neither man nor Wizard.

It goes beyond the limitations of the telling of tales, but it almost possible to conceive the 44th Wizard, secretly and quietly in the deepest part of a Wizard brain thought thus: "Yes, this is the greatest job in the world; but why would anyone want it?"

There is more to a Wizard's tale, but for another day.

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