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Sum of few fears

Posted Monday, September 26, 2011, at 12:11 PM

Were you aware no one has "surgery" anymore? Also, the word "operation" is not only passť, but politically incorrect. What the medical types do now is strap you to a gurney, place defibrillator pads so they can stop your heart, cut you open with a hacksaw, and then call all of this a "procedure."

Of course before the procedure several nurse-types dutifully inform how safe it is -- this is the 400,000th such procedure done in this hospital just this week (somehow procedures have to be in a hospital). And, you are assured there is nothing to fear. Next they give you a drug "for anxieties" and hand you a consent form to sign. Somewhere in the small print you acknowledge, yes, there certainly is a chance I'll be maimed, disabled, or die; but there's nothing to fear.

Never actually counted for myself, but it has been reliably reported what God says most often in the Bible is "Fear not." This is because there really are things of which to be afraid -- it's just a different something for each of us.

Innumerable lists are available of things people fear most. Some of these would be on my list, others not at all. Of those I thought interesting:

Spiders -- #1 on many lists; don't like them much, but not sure they're anything to fear.

Flying (e.g. crashing) -- can't say anything about this, don't fly much because of my fear of heights -- another fear on most lists.

Fear of public speaking -- no problem, until I sit down and realize how dumb I sounded.

Fear of the dark -- not me, unless the lights are out.

Fear of death -- bewildering as to why this is not first on any of the lists I found.

For me, too, fear of death is low on my list of concerns. Suppose I've just have had too many heart stopping adventures. What I fear mostly, what I suspect most really fear mostly, are those maimed or disabled things. The sum of my few fears comes down to this: Being kept alive against my will simply because there is money to pay for my care.

This fear was ignited just before my most recent "procedure." My nurse asked if I had a Living Will (being a mere coincidence her casual inquiry came just before my "procedure"). As it happened I did. A lot had changed since first completing it in 2004: We didn't live there anymore, our daughter had changed her name and address, and (just incidentally) I'd undergone more than my share of fear laden "procedures" since.

So, having come through the most recent procedure very well, thank you; and, perhaps activated by the sum of my few fears, thought it be a good time for a Living Will update.

The Indiana Living Will Declaration, Appointment of Attorney-in-Fact, and Appointment of Health Care Representative Forms are available on the Internet to download and complete. They are there free for some very good, thought through reasons.

The forms do need to be witnessed, and Appointment of Attorney-in-Fact must also be notarized. For this Kay and I went to Riddell National Bank where Kristy Thompson, a notary, and Angie Lynch signed as witnesses. It was one of those many times when I am glad we still have a local bank where people know who you are.

Sending an original copy of the forms to our daughter in St. Louis. Put them in the envelope given me at Union Hospital labeled "Congestive Heart Failure Education Packet." Somehow it seemed an appropriate use thereof, what with the presentation of said envelope having added to my personal sum of few fears.

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Geeze, thanks Dave!

You had to send people to a FREE source for these documents.

Your friend,


-- Posted by Charles Hear on Fri, Sep 30, 2011, at 11:54 AM

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