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Time happens

Posted Tuesday, December 27, 2011, at 10:21 AM

"After you get out of high school each year will seem to have one less day" (from the infinite wisdom of Ruth Lillian Lewis, legendary mother of a certain inconsequential blogger).

Suddenly, somehow unexpectedly, the Year of our Lord Two-thousand-Eleven is coming to its end. How come it only took 299 days to finish a full year? Having been out of high school a mere 50 years, by my mother's mathematical calculations somebody owes me a week! Apparently, time happens when you're doing other things.

The fleetness of the passage of time when you keep busy came to mind as I attended to my annual ritual of re-reading all my blogs for the year.

Mine is an eclectic mind; meaning a lot of thought goes on, but nothing of great substance sticks. Generally my blogs break down into four categories: Faith, Family, Community, and (for lack of a polite term) Politics. Maybe someday I'll know enough about some one thing to write about some one thing.

It is amazing to me that I wrote so little really good stuff, and so much not really good stuff. Amazed also at how much had been written inconceivable as the year 2011 began and how swiftly events passed me by. People, events, circumstances have a way of coming and going while we are "making other plans."

When we recently went to visit Shawn, our "son in the faith" at Putnamville Correctional Facility I told Shawn of my blogging about the fleetness of 2011. Never having had the experience, I assumed that in prison each year would seem to have one more day, not less. As "Red" says in The Shawshank Redemption, "Prison time is slow time."

I asked Shawn whether Red was right? Shawn didn't agree. The year had seemed to pass quickly enough he felt. But then he keeps busy doing other things. He's completed the Plus program and recently wrote:

"I am very good, it's been a great week and it's such a blessing to be working. I started on Monday 12-5-11 and worked out in the rain, tearing down 6' pallets with a sledge hammer, as well as 10' heavy machinery boxes...what a workout! I loved it!!!

"Although it was freezing out I never got cold, and kept moving all day... I enjoy physical labor. I signed up for overtime, and I plan on working Sat-Sun if at all possible.

"I praised God all day today for the blessing of a job and the sense of freedom that comes with it..."

"It's great to work, earn a living, and feel like I'm accomplishing something."

About every month or so I conclude I've run out of things to write about. Then I think of Red and realize how much slower would go the years if I had nothing to think about -- and I am certainly not going to work tearing down pallets!

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