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Letters from Solitaire

Posted Monday, January 16, 2012, at 1:30 PM


Being in good health is a wonderful thing, everyone says so. In my case it means finally being considered in good enough health for Kay to leave for a week in St. Louis. Our daughter is having a baby on Tuesday (apparently they can schedule these things now). Susan needs her mother, and I can get along by myself just fine, thank you.

Kay is leaving tomorrow when our son-in-law comes to get her. We're loaded up on clean clothes, pizza, and Pepsi -- what else could I possible need? Of course I'll be alone, solo, no one to take care of me; but I can do this. If this blog doesn't get posted next Monday it won't be because I died of neglect (probably won't be that reason).


Tried to fret and fume and make her feel guilty about leaving me alone and helpless; nothing worked. What exactly do people on desert islands do after eating last of cold pizza? Plan to worry about that later, right now going to exercise inalienable and inexhaustible right to worry about my little girl having a baby girl child (they can plan for sex of child now, too?).


We have a new granddaughter, Reagan Elizabeth Skelton! Daddy talked to Susan and she seemed in the best of spirits, the main thing for daddy. Has it really been that long since my baby girl was the size of my baby girl's baby girl? My mother worried about us kids and our kids until the day she died, plan to emulate her excellent example.


Did Kay say I should "fry" the goldfish or "feed" it? Ran out of both pizza and frozen dinners, fortunately there is ice cream left. If it weren't for my last Hardee's coupon I would have had to actually eat some of that Salad she left. Not that desperate yet. Don't think she'll notice if I only lose 10 pounds this week.


Does Medicare pay for Assisted Living if there are only two more days to go? Who said it's not good for man to live alone? Oh, yeah, it was God. He just might have known what He was talking about. A man never leaves a woman; he has to be driven away. Sometimes being driven away is the solution, one supposes. But, it does seem like man was made to need a woman. Not me, of course; just all those other guys. I've got Medicare to fall back on.


She should be back tomorrow, probably late; but I can wait. Need to wash the coffee cup I used, and the spoon, and that dish. Wisely I never bothered with forks and such. The house is clean, enough. Okay, only "daddy clean". But what can you do? After 46 years Id come to think these things cleaned themselves.


Yes back, greeted her with, "Back already, thought you were going to be gone a week?" Truth is I can't really live without her, but I'm not going to tell anyone.

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And yes folks, he did make it through the week without once begging my wife and I for food, clean clothes, etc. Never thought I'd see the day...

-- Posted by ididntdoit on Mon, Jan 16, 2012, at 4:44 PM

I am very happy you were healthy enough to lend me my mommy. If you ever feel you can live without her, I will take her! :)

-- Posted by lawyersusan on Fri, Jan 20, 2012, at 6:17 PM

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