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The Skeet Assassins

Posted Monday, March 19, 2012, at 8:49 AM

On Saturday, March 24, 2012, the men of Christ Community Church in Brazil will participate in a Fourth Culling of the Skeet. I am not sure why this event has become annual, but assume it has something with an abundance of Skeet and some kind of innate need to shoot them.

Check-in for the great event begins at 10:30 a.m., with a required Safety presentation by a qualified, experienced Skeet-hunter person. Following will be a free lunch for the men attending (as always, free food being my primary motivation). Them what has armaments and ammunition should bring them along to engage in mortal combat with the vainglorious Skeet.

Following lunch grown men (okay, and a few girls) armed with enormous, bulky weapons called "shotguns" will assemble to take turns at shooting down poor, defenseless Skeet as they spring forth from their roosts. This city-bred blogger has never actually participated in such shootings, but understand a great time is to be had by all.

From previous reports it can be assumed that if you'd like more info on all this feel free to contact church secretary Donna Jones at 442-7200. She won't know any more than I, but she did promise to read this blog and I wanted to work in her name.

I won't be doing any of the shooting myself. This is not because actual marksmanship is criteria (there is an unconfirmed "vicious rumor" pastor Rich holds the all time consecutive record -- of misses).

Rather, my lack of participation relates to some gibberish about shotgun recoil against pacemaker being unfortunate combination. Besides, what grudge could I personally have nothing against any Skeet?

Although this ritual is now in its fourth incarnation, there is nothing about Skeet shooting which might be construed as either "religious" or "sacramental".

As I wrote about a previous Skeet shoot day: It is really about Christian men getting together to do something we could all enjoy, laugh about, and remember fondly -- this in the company of men who have neither to endure "locker-room talk" nor felt necessity to be "macho." All can just be men who love their Lord and therefore each other.

This event will give proof again that Christian men can gather, have a good time doing something they all enjoy, and still be Christian men.

This is the challenge of being a Christian, to so live that in any situation or recreation the most casual observer will see Jesus in you. And that well describes the men I've met and known throughout our 15-plus years at Christ Community Church. Such an observation is tribute to those who rarely pick up a shotgun -- the women of our church devoted to being Christian women. Not much of an expert on guns, though I've heard tell they need to have good balance. I do know a little about churches, and if you have a good balance of men and women in your church then you have a good thing.

By the way, what exactly are Skeet?

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Aren't "skeets" those things with wheels you strap to your feet, apparently in an effort to see who can hurt themselves the worst when they fall on their bums? :)

-- Posted by ididntdoit on Fri, Mar 23, 2012, at 11:46 AM

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