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New Mayor in Town?

Posted Monday, April 23, 2012, at 9:04 AM

We woke up a bit early to the unmistakable sound of steel shovel against concrete street.

It's a long story.

We first moved into town at the time when the north side of our house was getting new sidewalks (no, I won't go there). Anyhow, apparently over the succeeding six years dirt, debris, and deicer materials from off State Road 59 have accumulated between the curbing and street. The result of this being soil in which only weeds may grow. Unsightly weeds, or so I'm told.

One day, my dear wife Kay gallantly took it upon herself to break this soil loose so that it could be removed, along with those nasty weeds. This is not something I would have thought of doing or could have done. Seems the issue then was what to do with said dirt.

Kay called City Hall and asked that the dirt be removed (also something of which I would not have thought). I could just hear the poor girl on the other end of the line as soon as the call politely ended: Some crazy lady wants us to pick up dirt in the street; doesn't she know how many problems the city has and how little money to solve them? Doubting David would see it when he believed it.

The next morning the hard-working street department was there. Other than the slight inconvenience of the early hour, it does look a lot better.

This event seems to part of an intriguing trend.

What are there, ten-thousand miles of street needing work in Brazil? The daily trip to my unofficial elderly daycare center (Computer Central) takes us north along Lambert Avenue. For years it has been essential to keep ones eyes on the road (as in on the pavement) in order to avoid the innumerable holes. Since January, attempts have been ongoing to improve this road. Now you can actually watch most of the road without watching the road.

The same improvements happened in the alley running between Alabama Street and Walgreen's without anyone organizing a calling campaign about the holes -- as done once or twice before.

Maybe these results are neither the best nor most permanent (even Kay's dirt will eventually return). But it seems something is getting done.

One begins to suspect that just maybe we got ourselves a new mayor in town.

It takes a lot of guts to be mayor of any small town. If you've followed the news much you will know a lot of small towns have endured more than there share of troubles -- from school shootings, to destructive fires, to devastating storms. In the aftermath of each of these some local mayor has to stand up and say, if effect: I am in charge here, we're going to get through this, and we will recover.

I don't personally know Brian Wyndham. But, while admittedly merely a distant observer, you do get a feeling about a public man. My feeling is that he's a stand-up guy who can be counted on to be "the man" whether Brazil, Ind., faces disaster or some crazy sounding lady on the phone.

A mere four-month look is probably not long enough for a solid read, but could it be that there really is a new Mayor in town?

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No offense to the current mayor of Brazil - I'm sure he's a stand-up guy. But I think a lot more of this can be attributed to his predecessors, who spent the better part of a decade cleaning up the mess left behind by THEIR predecessor.

If you will recall, once upon a time Brazil had a mayor who "liberated" funds from various accounts for use on some rather questionable projects. It has taken a great deal of effort on the part of a number of people, over a rather extended period of time, to clean up that mess. Without their efforts, none of these street projects would have been possible - there simply would not have been any money available.

So while I certainly appreciate the speed with which these tasks are now being completed, I also appreciate the hard work of all those people who made it even possible for the new mayor to do his job.

-- Posted by ididntdoit on Mon, Apr 23, 2012, at 4:12 PM

There is a new feeling in the air around Brazil, a more pleasant and a git er done kind of feeling. Can't attribute that to the past mayor, please lolol they had their turn. Thank you Mayor Wyndam!

-- Posted by myownlittleworld1 on Wed, Apr 25, 2012, at 6:32 AM

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