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Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016

I Voted!

Posted Thursday, May 10, 2012, at 7:46 AM

Tuesday, May 8, was a Primary Election Day in the Great State of Indiana. Thus I fulfilled my sacred, patriotic duty of going to the Polls and making a significant difference.

In this case it was time for all native-born and adopted Hoosiers to help choose the respective nominees for President of the United States. This is an important thing, so we are dutifully informed by the campaigning blitzkrieg.


There was a time in the long-ago B.I. (Before Internet) when a fellow could drop by the local Party HQ (either Party or both) and wait for the results to be posted on a big board. You met a lot of good people, and the food and drink were free. Now I just look for the results are on The Brazil Times website.

It's just as well, that Presidential nominee ship had already sailed. Apparently, as I'd previously perceived, the fix was in. Since I was already in the voting booth I thought I might as well vote for the only guy still competitive. By the way, what is a Ron Paul?

Presidential candidates were not why I went to the trouble of voting, anyhow.

I was there to vote for "My Candidate." Whether you took Republican or Democrat ballot you could have voted for "My Candidate." Couldn't miss him/her, he/she was listed as "No Candidate Filed."

How could you not vote for a Candidate like that?

Never once did "No Candidate Filed" promise something any reasonable person knows can't be done by any one office holder.

There will never be anything in the past of "No Candidate Filed" which can be construed as less than honorable, even if there enemies go back (as they do) to pre-school. There are, after all, always enemies in the other Party no matter what name appears on the ballot.

"No Candidate Filed" never once lied to get into office, will never accumulate personal favors and power, and won't be spending 90% of their time raising money for re-election.

Besides, how could you not vote for anyone smart enough to not get into politics?

Best of all "No Candidate Filed" can't possibly win, so won't be screwing-up anything!

Whatever the results, don't blame me. I voted, but the darn machine wouldn't accept my vote.

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