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The Sovereign State of Purple

Posted Tuesday, July 17, 2012, at 9:08 AM

Lived now long enough in Indiana to consider myself a Hoosier, or at least an adopted Hoosier. Indiana is my home, and there is no place else I want to be. (This being said in spite of certain Missouri readers inflicting an unfortunate connotation on the word "Hoosier.") In any case, I possess no desire to leave the Great State of Indiana.

It seems, however, that I may have to choose whether I want to live in a "Red State" or a "Blue State." Which color Indiana is I'm not certain (nor even sure why it must be either Red or Blue). But the color of your state is a package deal; you get one or the other.

Also uncertain as to which color State I wish to abide in -- what with being what pollsters call "undecided."

From all I can gather of the white-noise called TV, this is what I conjecture a Red State is:

Red-Staters are against all those mean, despicable things which never would have been tolerated by the Founding Fathers. It is one's Red-Stater duty to oppose anything not envisioned and/or provided for by the omnipotent Founding Fathers. Their writing, so we hear, reflects clear and well delineated teachings of the Good Book; although no one can quite find where.

To Red-Staters, also, the good of the many are more important than the need of the few, especially if the good can be inferred from the Good Book.

Mostly Red-Staters are against TAXES! "Taxed Enough Already" is not only a mantra, it is a Holy Cause. If Red-Staters have to sacrifice the poor to achieve this end, so be it (I do find the poor mentioned in the Good Book). Fortunately for all involved there are a lot of very rich Red-Staters able and willing to finance opposition to any attempt to allow taxes to rise. This they do out a pure and untainted sense of public duty, enduring with chagrin any inconsequential personal benefit such a policy entails.

On the other hand, from all I can gather of the TV white-noise, this is what I conjecture a Blue State is:

Blue-Staters believe the Constitution was so simple because it was intended to grow with the nation. The Founding Fathers always intended for five lifelong lawyers to decide what said Fathers would have/might have meant if only they knew what they were getting us into. The Blue-Stater goal is not to know what the Fathers would have done, but to get five Blue-Staters on the Supreme Court.

Blue-Staters figure the needs of the few are just as important as the rights of the many -- provided the few scream loud enough.

And, Blue-Staters proclaim every one ought pay their fair share of taxes, depending on how fair the American enterprise system has been to each one. Fair, of course, depending on whether or nor each "one" may need some special consideration or exemption or deduction. Such need not too un-often depending of the needees support of a particular Blue-State electee.

I love Indiana, but if I ever love another State it is going to have to be Purple.

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There have been a few exceptions on both the local and state level, but by and large, we live in a traditionally democratic pocket of a traditionally republican state. I'm sure because of our local leanings, that this does us no favors at the state level when republicans sit in control, which is most of the time.

And yet, conservative Indiana, passed a state-wide smoking ban, which can be viewed as governmental infringment upon citizen's personal rights, which conservatives are supposed to fundamentally oppose.

And while I personally lean to the left, locally I think it is shameful that our city council is trying to insert themselves into people's homes and private property by threatening to pass mandatory yearly fees on dogs.

Thanks David for another interesting blog.

-- Posted by ClayCountyGuy on Thu, Jul 19, 2012, at 8:27 AM

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