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My Man Rupert

Posted Tuesday, August 14, 2012, at 8:43 AM

Being Governor of any state is a great deal less glamorous than, say, being President of the United States. No one loves or hates their Governor with quite the vigor as one has emotion for or against a President. And, as with all who dare to hold public office, half the people think he's doing a good job and half think he is not. I'm none of these.

Lived in three states since I began voting (for Abraham Lincoln no less). There have been a lot of men (sorry, no woman) whom I've had opportunity to observe in the office of my respective state's chief executive. Most seemed noble enough; sooner or later they all screw-up, only one went to prison. Governor Mitch Daniel with all his faults at least made the trains run on time.

Mitch having done his bit we are about to be deluged with the great campaign of 2012; again testing whether this state, or any state in the Union, can endure such drivel.

There are of course the candidates of the well-established political Parties, and one from a "why-do-they-even-try?" party. Only one of these guys have I ever heard of, think I used to hear him sometimes on radio. As of this date none have overwhelmed me with a sense of love or hate. Having as much as anything given up on the major Parties, think it's time to support somebody who probably isn't going to do good or evil because he hasn't a chance to win. Which brings us to My Man Rupert.

The May 14, 2012, edition of The Brazil Times noted the following:

"Indiana Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Rupert Boneham says he'll have more differences with the Republican and Democratic candidates than they will with each other and expects he'll gain support despite a Spartan campaign operation."

Sounds like a good start to me!

Apparently My Man Rupert was the survivor of the 2004 Survivor program on CBS. Never watched it personally, but never being able to trust anybody while trying to get by on crumbs seems like the perfect preparation for any elected office in America.

Rupert is quoted as not wanting the press to run that old photo of him from Survivor. But, hey, that's the thing that makes him most adorable. And, who doesn't want an adorable Governor? It does make him not just an also-ran candidate, but somebody you can actually get a head start on loving or hating.

Rupert might even be remotely qualified, having a lot of not-politician experience. As reported: "Boneham told newspaper editors at the Indiana Associated Press Managing Editors meeting on Saturday that his 20 years of running mentorship programs for youths gives him a unique perspective on what he calls the burdens of state government."

Of course he wouldn't do any particular good (few do that much good, anyhow). However, maybe instead of the old-fashioned oath of office he could quote from what is traditionally included in the Hippocratic Oath: "First, do no harm." It might help if we could just include that phrase in the regular oath of office?

My Man Rupert hasn't an ice cube's chance of winning. But voting for him means nobody can blame me for not voting, and nobody can blame me for the inevitable screw-ups of whoever wins.

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