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The 46th Wizard -- Part IV

Posted Tuesday, September 4, 2012, at 9:09 AM

Once more we take up the tale told forty-five instances beforetime -- this episode of the story being that of the 46th Wizard of Us. Part II and III previously put to paper, the first part some day to be told.

The time hath come to defend his wizardry.

In point of fact the day arrived to defend the fact that no Wizard born or dreamed could solve the ever conflicting problems of the realm. There was not, would never be, a magic wand or magical powers to bring about absolutes. If it had been thus, of course, any named Wizard would gladly have salved his nation's ill long before. This truth, in and of itself, though, was un-conveyable to the proletariat. To these folk the criteria for judging Wizards must ever be ignorance, prejudice, and unattainable expectations.

Some of the cancer which affected the realm might have been more effectively treated with the cooperation of the loyal opposition, they of the Pfabricators. This was, for the nation unfortunate, never to be. The Pfabricators were determined even before the Wizard took the throne to destroy at any cost the 46th Wizard and his courtiers. If it took lies, they would lie; if it took cowardice, courage would be abandoned; if it took, in the name of political expediency, even treason itself, the 46th Wizard must be destroyed. Thus is had ever been with whomever the loyal opposition happened to be at the moment, more so if the Wizard actually did something.

Thus it must be said of this Wizard, also, "The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones."

After a troupe of pretenders and fools and clowns fought it out in the circus of only-the-minority-who-care arenas, a contender survived to challenge the leadership of the 46th Wizard.

Strangely predictable the contender was of the Jesters from one of the outlying provinces.

The Contender was suave and handsome and appealing, as contenders must be. Skillfully maneuvered by those wise in the way of contention, he promised to undo whatever today's crowd wanted undone and to do all the next day's crowd wanted done. Having no actual experience of the pressures of being Wizard (none who seek the office so do), the Contender made the same bland promises all Contenders make as demand arises. New Wizards realize such promises inane only when, upon ascending the wizardry throne, they find that Wizards have no real power.

The Contender also brought to the hour an enormous cache of gold, along with friends hoarding equal or larger such caches. Knowing their long term interest would be best served by kindred spirit, the friends were willing to part with much gold in the purchase of na*ve spirits in order to defeat the Wizard who threatened personal luxury.

And so, again, it would come to this: The 46th Wizard of Us could solve no problems because anything he attempted would be blocked by the Pfabricators -- even, especially even, if the solution was of their invention. Also, the Wizard must take much time from the work of healing to wage intervention against those who accepted disease if it rid them of the detested Wizard.

For his part the Wizard would have silver gathered from many friends across the nation, each of whom would then vote. As is an incumbent's wont, the Wizard boasted more friends, most likely, than any Contender might muster. Also, the Wizard would have help from those across the realm of his and kindred tribes.

Alas, it is a tale told, with certain variation, these forty-five instances beforetime -- the end not now assured by wizards or prognosticators or storytellers.

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