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I live here, I live there, I live where?

Posted Monday, September 17, 2012, at 9:50 AM

In 2002, Andy Thomas was running for State Representative. I liked Andy a lot and thought he was a good man. Have no idea why he'd want the job, but if he was dumb enough to run I was going to vote for him!

So in November, we dutifully went to our designated polling place, Northview High School. My physical body, never Greek hero material, was particularly not up to par that day, and it was pouring down rain, and it was an off-year election. But, I liked Andy and I was going to vote for him.

Andy was not on the ballot, Clyde Kersey was. What I had not calculated in my electoral choice was that I did not then live in the 44th District; I was then living in Posey Township, the 43rd District.

It took four years, but we finally moved into Andy's District. By then Andy, being as smart as I thought he was, had moved on to bigger and better things.

All this became a blog topic because of a Saturday afternoon call from a young lady asking for my support of one Mark Spelbring, candidate for State Representative of the 42nd District. I am not exactly a political guru, but was pretty sure our Rep was a guy named Jim Baird and I lived in 44th. Even wrote one of my brilliant blogs about an ice cream social we attended when he was running against Nancy Michael.

No, the young lady informed me, I was now in the 42nd District and the man of the hour was definitely Mark Spelbring.

This could not be right. While we were talking I Googled the Indiana state map of Districts and sure enough the map I pulled up said I was still in the good old 44th and my Rep was Nancy Michael. (Nancy, I do hope they're still sending you paychecks because I'm sure you've missed all the meetings of the last two years).

Good old Mark sent me a follow-up postcard with his and his wife's picture. Now this old geezer remembers! He was the guy with the pretty woman who came to our back door before the Primary (we old geezers never forget a beautiful woman).

Seth Engdahl, Campaign Director for Mark Spelbring's campaign, sent me an e-mail with updated maps of the re-districted Districts. Says here I live in the 42nd District. Seth, if you send me a yard sign proclaiming "You live in 42" I'd put in up (apparently you know where I live).

Next day I received a very nice mass-mailed card from one Alan Morrison who assures me he's the very best candidate for the Indiana Statehouse from my District (he doesn't identify the District). He also has a pretty wife, along with two nice kids and a dog. Now that I think about it, he'd been to my front door during the campaign and had been standing in front of City Hall when I voted. How can an old geezer not vote for a guy with a dog who hangs out at City Hall?

Looks like I won't just be able to blithely vote for the prettiest candidate. Will actually have to find out what these guys are about and vote intelligently -- assuming I can figure out where I live and that Andy Thomas is not on the ballot.

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