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Lynne for ... Something new!

Posted Sunday, December 9, 2012, at 2:16 PM

"You won't have Nixon to kick around anymore..." (Richard Nixon, November, 1962)

Last week, we received notice Lynne Llewellyn is leaving her position as General Manager of The Brazil Times. Say it ain't so, Lynne! My observation was she ran everything. If I actually wanted anything at the paper, she was the one to go to.

If memory serves, we met through Chamber of Commerce, and for the 16 some years we've been acquainted I have been something of an admirer. She's on my list of people I'd choose for a niece. Let's see, I've known her 16 years and that means, what? She must have been 13 when we met?

The reader should be made aware that Lynne is representative of the considerable changes in the role of women in America since I came on the scene in 1943. As late as when my wife Kay started high school cir. 1960 her career options were homemaker, secretary, teacher, nurse, or homemaker. A lot changed. I didn't take part in any of it, just observed.

As I have observed it, in the past 20 years or so there has come to maturity a quite admirable generation of woman; women who grew up in an entirely different world than Kay or I. They radiate evidence of people who, in their particular element, know who they are; are confident in that person; and are people you can rely on to do something that once upon a time you'd only expect out of mere man.

When we moved to Indiana in 1996, Lynne was the first true woman of this new generation I'd met. She was the first woman I'd known who is both old enough and young enough to have nothing to prove. I never saw any hint of having to show anyone she was as good as any man in the job, only that she could do the job. Lynne was but the first of many such women I was to meet, including our daughter Susan, Robin Fine-Bradley, and Sarah Small-Russell.

Have no idea what Lynne plans to do next, and am in no position to tell anyone how to live their lives. But, ever since Sarah Palin ran for VP in 2008 I've thought Lynne Llewellyn would make a good candidate for some political office. At least then we'd have somebody new to kick around (working for a newspaper being excellent preparation for getting kicked around). She is personable enough to get elected, if elected she could actually do any job undertaken, and, if truth be told, this old man of a bygone era has always thought her more attractive than Palin.

So, Lynne, if you ever run for political office and need to raise money, put me down for 25 bucks (make that 50 if I can be on your campaign committee).

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