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Friday, Dec. 26, 2014
Posted Sunday, November 30, at 9:11 PM
I recently read a news article that the church that Michael Brown Sr. belonged to was burned down during the rioting. That the church was not anywhere near the neighborhoods where the protesters, looting and other fires were located. It was most likely burned by vandals. In a word, "Haters."...

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Recipe for Unrest
Posted Monday, November 17, at 6:35 PM

The numbers of recipes for unrest are limitless and no recipe is the cause for all unrest. Nevertheless, systemic problems tend to create systemic unrest. Prior to the introduction of modern abortion, of all births, approximately 51 percent are male and 49 percent are female. This seems to work out well as teenage boys are much more likely than girls to say, "Hey y'all! Watch this!"...

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Hero Worship
Posted Wednesday, November 12, at 1:01 PM

Yesterday I heard someone read an editorial about how wrong it is to refer to our soldiers "generically" as heroes. That it is a pernicious form or hero worship. That to do so diminishes the meaning of the word hero. Moreover, we haven't fought a just war in some 70 years...

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Lessons From the Farm
Posted Tuesday, October 21, at 11:33 PM

When a friend of mine was a young man on a farm, one of his jobs was to kill the mice that inevitably set up house keeping near the corn crib. This frequently meant doing dusk patrols with a .22 caliber rifle. On one occasion, he located a borough in the ground that seemed to be a hub of mouse activity. He poured a gallon of gasoline into the borough, tossed a lit match and shouldered his rifle...

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Don't Panic!
Posted Tuesday, October 7, at 1:23 PM

That's not only on the cover of the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, it is also the phrase of the day for the Nice Government Men. Some guy, who coincidentally is a Muslim, hacks the head off of a female co-worker after being fired for the disruption caused by his attempts to persuade his co-workers that it is right to stone to death women who commit adultery. Don't panic! It is not terrorism...

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Patriot's Day
Posted Thursday, September 11, at 3:23 PM

That is the official name for September 11. It is a bit less direct than Pearl Harbor Day, but different ways for different times. What is so special about the date September 11? In 1683, Islamic armies from the Ottoman Califate had conquered all of South-Eastern Europe: Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, and much of what was then Russia and more recently the Soviet Empire. ...

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ISIS Made a Mistake
Posted Friday, August 29, at 10:50 PM

This week ISIS made what could be a significant mistake. They conducted a state sanctioned beheading of an American photo journalist using an executioner who spoke fluent English. Expect the other journalist hostages to be executed soon. Western media, American media in particular, have been afraid of broadcasting anything negative related to Islam. ...

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Vice News and ISIS
Posted Monday, August 18, at 11:58 AM

My favorite source of news and information on the Internet, Vice News, was part of the CBS news on Monday morning. CBS broadcast Vice's coverage of ISIS (the movement called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and the founding of the new "Islamic State" and new califate which spans part of what was Syria and much of Iraq...

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Beyond Stupid
Posted Monday, August 4, at 12:40 PM

I finally realized why I have been having so much difficulty writing lately. Things have gotten so stupid that there really is nothing meaningful to debate on the moment. For example: 1. The Republican controlled House of Representatives has voted to file suit against the president...

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The Worth of a Slave
Posted Sunday, June 29, at 3:36 PM

America has always had a bad case of Multiple Personality Disorder when it comes to the issue of slavery. How can you on the one hand claim that all men are created equal while on the other hand claim that some men are chattel property? Because of this, the Three Fifth's Compromise is one of the more misunderstood parts of the U.S. Constitution...

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My World Cup Runneth Over
Posted Monday, June 23, at 4:37 PM

I have tried to like soccer for years going onto more than a couple of decades. In college, my roommate's mother was a war bride brought home from England by her soldier husband. In 1986, we listened to the World Cup games on short wave radio as there was no domestic T.V. or radio coverage...

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The Vietnamization of Iraq
Posted Monday, June 16, at 1:17 PM

Around about 1972 we decided that it was time to start Vietnamizing the little war we were in. The American people were war weary, the treasury was drained and miliary morale was low. It was time for the South Vietnamese to start standing on their own...

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Writer's Block (Again)
Posted Monday, June 9, at 1:00 PM

I have really struggled to find something which compelled me to write. That's important. If you don't care about what you have written, how can you expect anyone else to care? The last few weeks have been one exposition after another about how the United States, and Western culture in general, are intentionally being broken...

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Fracking, Junk Science and Propaganda
Posted Monday, May 5, at 2:21 PM

It is hard to find real news these days. While being fed pablum is bad, it is even worse to be fed disinformation. In recent weeks, earth tremors in the North-West have received mention in the news. Nothing wrong with that. But sadly, these stories contain an obligatory statement that some "scientists" believe that these earthquakes may be caused by fracking. Fracking is the term used for the hydraulic fracturing of underground sedimentary rock to ease the flow of oil and gas for extraction...

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What is sin?
Posted Thursday, April 17, at 10:03 AM

As this is Holy Week, let us examine this question. Is sin the mere absence of virtue? I think not. Man is endowed with certain natural characteristics which enhance survival of both the individual and the species. In his natural state, man does not necessarily engage in either virtue nor sin...

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Charles Hear 1966 -- 20??
Posted Monday, April 7, at 4:37 PM

The Gospel reading at church on Sunday was about the resurrection of Lazarus. While the homily following was about Christ calling us out of the tombs we dig for ourselves with sin, other parts of the homily got me thinking about life. It has been said that a life well lived is not represented by the amount of time between the dates on the headstone, but how thick the dash is between them. It is not how long we live, but how we live the life we are given...

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Government Spending Negates Prosperity
Posted Monday, March 24, at 2:52 PM

In a system of free exchange, how is wealth created? You have a gallon of milk. I have three dollars. We agree to exchange the milk for three dollars. Who got the best end of the deal? Both of us! I valued the milk more than the money and got the higher valued item. You valued the three dollars more than the gallon of milk and got the higher valued item...

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Science vs. God
Posted Monday, March 17, at 2:40 PM

Long-time readers know I have a layman's passion for science. I am also a devout Christian; a lifelong Catholic. If you are a science-minded person who does not believe in God, you should believe the following: In the beginning, there was nothing. Then there was light. ...

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Economic Inequality
Posted Tuesday, March 11, at 1:29 PM

What does that slogan mean? Granted, I am just a natural born fool from Indiana, but as near as I can figure, there are only two ways to accumulate wealth. 1. You can earn it. 2. You can steal it. What does it mean to earn wealth? You have to have something to offer in trade. ...

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Posted Monday, March 3, at 1:34 PM

It is not entirely President Obama's fault. It started with President Bush the Younger. The Russians have invaded Ukraine and are likely to annex the territory known as Crimea. Crimea is critical to Russian national security as it provides the only location for a naval base that does not turn into a solid block of ice...

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