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Global Warming

Posted Wednesday, December 9, 2009, at 7:59 AM

Thank Heaven for global warming! If it weren't for global warming, this year we would have nearly frozen half to death!

Surely I am not the only one to have noticed that in the 1970s, when we had several severe blizzards in a row, that auto emissions, power plants, etc., were causing global cooling. We were on the cusp of a new ice age.

In the mid to late 1980s, we flipped to global warming. The Drought and hot weather, including hot winds, of 1987 were caused by auto emissions, power plants, etc.

In 2009, virtually everywhere Al Gore goes to speak on global warming, it seems to coincide with record cool weather. I have even heard Al Gore state that global warming is actually causing global cooling because it affects the Gulf Stream. (There is no way that the Earth's climate is self-regulating and has mechanisms of shedding heat and building warmth.)

The avant garde of the movement are now calling it "climate change." Are we warming or cooling? Apparently that is as changeable as the weather.

You don't have to look at ice core samples and tree rings to know that we have been here before. Since the time of Julius Caesar, the earth has gone through two and a half thermal cycles. We can know this from the writings of people who lived at the time and remarked about various plants and animals of the time. This information routinely coincides with the plant and animal remains found at archeological digs at various sites. The Earth: Warmed approx 0 A.D. to approx 400 A.D. Cooled approx 500 A.D. to 800 A.D. Warmed approx 900 A.D. to approx 1300 A.D. Cooled approx 1400 A.D. to approx 1800 A.D.

Where does the heat come from? Virtually all heat comes from two places: the Sun and Earth's molten core.

If you look at the Earth in cross section, you will see that the crust is a VERY thin layer floating on progressively hotter layers of molten stone and metal. Any miner will tell you that the farther down you dig, the warmer it gets. Moreover, the heat is not constant or homogenous. There are several prominent "hot spots" near the surface. Also, when the earth's circumference contracts, such as in the earthquake and tsunami from the subduction of the Pacific Plate at Christmas 2004, the core is put under more pressure, thus more heat is generated. Physics 101.

Likewise with the Sun. Leonardo DaVinci, the inventor of the telescope observed spots on the sun and correlated the frequency of spots with temperatures on earth. More spots, more heat. In 1575, when it was so cold that the Thames River froze over (similar to the Mississippi freezing), there were no spots observed on the sun at all that year.

But doesn't CO2 make things worse? Lets do the math. The five most common gasses in our atmosphere are: Nitrogen 78.084 percent, Oxygen 20.947 percent, Argon 0.934 percent, Carbon Dioxide 0.033 percent, and Neon 18.2 parts per million. The top four greenhouse gasses are: Water Vapor 95 percent, Carbon Dioxide 4 percent, Methane 0.5 percent, Nitrous Oxide 0.01 percent. It seems some people are all upset at 4% of a "problem" that is 95 percent beyond our ability to control. (Discounting that CO2 also naturally exists and that we don't start burning hydrogen for fuel and making more water vapor.)

When the Vikings discovered Greenland in 1100, it was lush and green. Today 85 percent is under permafrost and ice thicknesses are up to a little more than two miles. But core drills through even the deepest ice show the remains of plants and animals on the soil underneath. There is little doubt that there was no ice at the North Pole at this time, yet somehow the resourceful polar bear managed to survive.

So what are we really so upset about? History did not start when we were born or when our grandparents were born. I'll, never forget a farm product commercial that reminded viewers that an average year of weather determined by adding together ten years of strange weather and dividing by ten.

Remember, the only constant is change.

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I could be paddling a rowboat down Market Street in San Francisco after the poles have melted, and there will still be conservative fanatics who deny that humans are responsible for Global Warming or that it is even real. I invite you to my web-pages devoted to raising awareness on this urgent issue: http://pltcldscsn.blogspot.com/2009/12/c...

-- Posted by scottdavene on Fri, Dec 11, 2009, at 9:29 PM

At last the voice of reason! (I read your blog, Scott) I guess I shouldn't be supriset to find a global warming denyer in my conservative lil' hometown. I'll prob'ly long dead before the truth is inconviently apparent & I have no heirs, so I guess I shouldn't worry, eh?

-- Posted by gratefoole on Sun, Dec 13, 2009, at 10:01 AM

Facts are facts. The Vikings, The 70's, The 80's, are all true facts. I read the blog posted by David Scott. I agree with a couple of things, but there are no facts. He said she said, led to a bunch of opinions. He's on the right track, but Information is the Superhighway.

-- Posted by sandman442 on Thu, Dec 17, 2009, at 2:19 PM

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