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A Call to Action

Posted Thursday, April 22, 2010, at 7:40 AM

If you watch the Sunday morning talking head shows, you can't help but notice that a preponderance of their commercials are either big energy producers or big energy consumers. Inevitably, they all talk about what they are doing to reduce or remove carbon dioxide, a/k/a CO2.

As you are no doubt aware, CO2 is destroying our planet. CO2 is a "greenhouse" gas. That means that it helps hold warmth on our planet. Sometime in the future, we will most likely be roasted in our own juices from the heat or drowned from the rising seas. Even the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that CO2 is a pollutant. This means that it can be regulated by the EPA.

Since all living things are made of carbon, it is not surprising that living things emit and consume CO2. It should be no surprise that since all pollution on this Earth is manmade, with each and every exhale of your breath, you are contributing to the destruction of the Earth. Woe be un to you if you should breed and fill this world with more oxygen breathers. The Earth can barely handle the crop that it presently has.

It seems that all of these Sunday show advertisers are proclaiming how they are doing things to reduce CO2 emissions. There is Clean Coal, Natural Gas electric generation, railroad transport, British Petroleum, Royal Dutch Shell, companies that pump CO2 into the ground or into storage tanks, and many more.

As I sit at my desk, enjoying another Diet Pepsi (my drug of choice - beating out Budweiser American Ale), I can't help but ponder on the little bubbles rising to the surface of my soda.

Those bubbles are carbon dioxide! Not only am I breathing, but I have unleashed a can of poisonous toxins into the air.

Politicians can talk about the CO2 caused by power plants and automobiles all they want. Frankly, we need those things. (Imagine if we returned to horses. There would be a lot more equine flatulence loaded with CO2 and methane.)

Who truly needs a carbonated beverage? Has anyone ever considered the impact caused by the other Big 3: Coke, Pepsi, and 7Up? Let's not overlook the contributions of the French with their Perrier!

If we are truly interested in saving the planet, we should demand the regulation of beverage companies. Think of all of the soda, beer, and carbonated water consumed in this country every single day. I would suggest that since most adults use approximately one gallon of gasoline per day and both children and adults drink beverages every day, that the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere by beverage companies is at least equal to that caused by automobiles! We all know how destructive automobiles are to the environment.

It is time for a call to action! The British have been drinking flat beer for as long as memory extends back. Can we Americans not take up the challenge laid down by the Brits? Who can claim to truly need the carbonation in their sodas and water? Carbonated sodas and waters have only been around for about 150 years or so. People did just fine without them. Besides, your Diet Coke and Mountain Dew will still have all of the caffeine you crave even without the bubbles.

I realize that this may be unpopular with the masses at first. There will have to be some time for adjustment. Perhaps the Tea Party members can help by serving the masses tea (either hot or iced would be fine).

If we start the process of regulation now, we can wean ourselves off the carbonation habit gradually. If Congress will set targets and goals for reducing the levels of carbonation in beverages over, say, a ten year period, the transition would be nearly painless.

The time to act is NOW! Before logging off this web site, write an e-mail to your representatives in the Indiana General Assembly and Congress! Do not delay! The fait of our planet hangs in the balance!

Hmm. My soda is empty. Excuse me while I get another Diet Pepsi.

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I think everything revolves around the question: will it be a quick shift, or a slow long drawn out un-noticable shift.(12/21/2010) I see people whom believe in the small issues, and reject large issues as fable, or paranoia. Like cap & trade, we know we need to go green, but shouldnt close industry and fire everyone surviving with coal jobs. It's the same logic as affirmative action. It's all good, until people loose their job, to balance out the employee count. JOBs FIRST, then of course we can worry about a fart in the wind. Although I'm 110% behind green technologies, and stated I want Electric, vehicals,and solar plus wind on EACH home, (not wind farms, or solar farms) where they charge us for the sun or air. We should have FREE energy! we should not have to pay someone to turn on the lights. WIFI will eventually give us free Cable TV also. Chairman Dodd, and Ben Stien state the American citizens make to much money. We automatically think yes when you compare us to ten year olds working in sweat shops over seas. WHEN Americans finally have free energy, we can take lower pay scale. My goal is to have Americans wonder where they will shop for Christmas, and what to get, "Not how much their budget will allow". For a truelly free America, we need free energy! IF we are to move into the new future we know is out there, we need options. Stop the same trend of to much we have been used to for hundreds of years. Sometimes As Mr.Hear has pointed out with this blog; Less is more.

Billy J. Mahoney for U.S. House dist. 8 IN

-- Posted by Wild Bill Mahoney on Sat, Apr 24, 2010, at 2:46 AM

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