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Rainy days and Sundays

Posted Sunday, April 25, 2010, at 3:10 PM

I am not exactly sure how I feel today. If this were the "Fractured Fairy Tales" segment of the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, the title of today's column might be,

"Rainy days and Sundays always bring me down." The Carpenters or ...

"It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine." R.E.M.

It's Sunday. That means work tomorrow. I like my work. I enjoy what I do. But sometimes it is still work.

As an attorney, it is my job to be like a knight in a joust. We ride at each other at breakneck speeds and break lances on each other's armor for our masters. At the end of the joust, you help each other up, brush off the dust, and grab a mug of grog together.

As competitors, we each want to win. Each should do anything within the bounds of the law and ethics to win. It is this competition, which brings truth to light and helps to bring justice. When one of the combatants takes all of it personally, it turns it all back into work. Backing off or backing down is unethical. The client, the master, pays you to win. I get paid a lot to win, because I often win. But it brings you down when you know that the contest will negatively effect relationships.

* * *

It's raining. Frankly, we need the rain. It has been raining all day. Yesterday, my wife and I drove for hours through the rain. Yuck!

There are all sorts of rain falling at the moment. Within the past month, it seems I couldn't open my mouth without offending someone. It was all unintended, but a storm came nonetheless.

For the past 10 years or so, my only real obligations were to my wife, children, clients, and critters. Lately there have been numerous other important obligations added, often with conflicting schedules. I think I can juggle it all, but my beloved is not so sure. More rain.

* * *

It is the end of the world! Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions have happened. Tornados, hurricanes, and civil unrest loom on the horizon. Righteousness, war, famine, and death stampede around us!

Yesterday I went to Cincinnati to celebrate a Nephew's First Holy Communion. He was in a navy blue suit with sharp pin stripes, shirt and tie, surrounded by similarly attired boys and little girls in white dresses with veils. The Church was filled to standing room only. The children gave flowers to their mothers before orderly leading the congregation in communion.

Later there was a celebration with food, wine, family, and friendship. There were stories of family members who came to this country within the past 100 years for freedom or just for a better life. Remembrances of a grandmother who was such an awesome cook, if she had to, she could no doubt make dirt into a delicacy.

The world may be coming to an end, or not, but I don't care. Sometimes, it is seemingly little things, like a nephew's First Communion, that really matter.

Additionally, congratulations to Brazil Times Editor, Jason Moon and his beloved on their coming little "New Moon."

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