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Trials and Tribulations

Posted Sunday, August 29, 2010, at 12:43 PM

There isn't any way to talk about the trial set last week without appearing to be inflammatory or otherwise making bad blood. Suffice it to say that I am quite pleased with the results.

Sept. 13, I have another jury trial scheduled to go. Again, I will have to suspend my writing around that time.

Enough about trials for now. Time for tribulations.

In the Hear family, the only good luck that happens to us comes from spotting opportunity and hard work. Other than that, if there is a pit somewhere in a cherry pie, someone in my family will bite into it. This time, it was my youngest brother's turn to get the pit. ("If Life is a Bowl of Cherries, Why am I in the Pits" Erma Bombeck)

My brother has his own business. He secures, winterizes, and cleans out foreclosed properties. It's not a glamorous business, but it is recession proof. In this "Summer of Recovery," business for my brother has been pretty good.

A couple of days ago, while doing paperwork in the office, he received a call from one of the guys that his truck was on fire. His NEW truck was on fire. After allowing a moment for the information to sink in, he found out where they were, jumped in his car, and rushed to the scene.

When he got there, the fire department and a TV news crew were already there. According to reports, there were eleven separate explosions.

Foreclosed properties rarely have electrical service. That means that my brother takes a generator or two with him to every house. He also has a two-axle trailer that can haul a bit more than 15 cubic yards of trash and every imaginable kind of tool.

No one knows for sure how it happened, but the leading theory is that some how a spark ignited the fuel tank on one of the generators. There was a large fiery explosion. The gasoline cans exploded, the fuel tanks exploded, the propane tanks exploded, the air compressor exploded, and the truck's fuel tank exploded.

The fire was so hot, the hood of the truck, and part of the engine melted. The tires burned completely off the truck and trailer. The parts of the trailer, which were not flammable, melted. Apparently, the fire even damaged the house.

It was a total loss. The vehicle, the trailer, all of the power equipment, the lighting, the air tools, the battery tools, the hand tools, winterizing equipment, door and lock equipment, everything.

The business insurance company was contacted. It was there opinion that this particular truck was a personal vehicle, not a business vehicle. They immediately declined coverage. The personal insurance company has been contacted. Anyone want to guess what their opinion is going to be?

What kind of luck is it where you make your living off foreclosed properties during a housing failure lead recession and you may go out of business.

"Gloom, despair, and agony on me. Deep dark depression, excessive misery. If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all...."

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