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Merry Christmas?

Posted Monday, October 18, 2010, at 6:19 AM

It was not quite mid October, when I innocently walked into a local gas station to pay for my fuel, and what am I greeted with? Christmas tree and Santa Clause shaped candy! Dear Heaven! Don't the pumpkins and turkeys even get a chance any more??? How long will it be before the Christmas goodies start coming out on the 5th of July or as the Easter Lilies start to wilt?

If you have been one of my readers for any length of time, you should be confident that I am a limited government, free market, kind of guy. Yet I have a sudden impulse to go all Jonathan Smith and write "A Modest Proposal," not on eating the Irish (like the original), but demanding federal legislation restricting Christmas. (Yes, demanding the Federal Government restrict Christmas is to me the equivalent of proposing eating the Irish!)

At what point does Christmas change from being one of the most significant and joyful of holidays to just another marketing gimmick? At what point does the gimmickry wear off?

As to more seasonable events . . .

Unless you are an avid pumpkin hunter, like I am, (flash back to the first column published about a year ago) you may not have been aware that there was a pumpkin shortage last year. When the last can of pumpkin was off the store shelf around Thanksgiving, that was the very last can for the year.

Due to a hectic schedule, I have semi resigned my self to not being able to do any hunting this year. My camouflaged friends are already up in trees with their bows. I am not sure how the deer are faring this year, but the pumpkins have not done well. Thanks to global warming (which causes both floods and droughts, depending on the year) the pumpkin vines have withered and died before most of the wily beasts could grow to sporting size. There is no pride in dragging a small pumpkin to the check in station.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To be concluded at some later time. My sense of humor has dissipated at the moment.

My mother called and informed me that the last puppy of my beloved Daisy died yesterday from Lymphoma. She was my father's closest companion for the past 14 years and he is devastated by the loss.

Mom also informed me that my father has had some significant negative health test results come back. Nothing immediately critical, but troubling.

If any one out there is inclined to pray, I am sure that my parents would be very grateful for prayers to ease the loss of a beloved pet and that health be restored if it is consistent with God's plan for my father.

My sincerest thanks.

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Among my vauge memories of long past childhood was my mother explaining that the Christmas season always began the day after Thanksgiving, when the stores put up their displays.

My habit at Computer Central has always been to put up our "stuff" the Friday after Thanksgiving (in time for the parade). Hopefully with some of my daughters on hand to actually do the work. Come by that day, Charles, and I'll let you hang the stuff that attaches to the ceiling.

-- Posted by LifeObserver on Mon, Oct 18, 2010, at 10:50 AM


You believe there is global warming, there is hope for you yet.

Your liberal friend

-- Posted by alwaysopenminded on Mon, Oct 18, 2010, at 3:10 PM


I too have noticed that many stores already have Christmas decorations. It seems to get a little earlier each year, could it be because of the slowing economy that they are trying to max their time to gain larger profits?

Also on a side note I got your message about coming to our meeting at the firehouse but haven't been around due to work. I'll call later this week and give you our meeting schedule.

-- Posted by Localguy1972 on Tue, Oct 19, 2010, at 8:57 AM

Since I've had to care for the elderly members of my family, the last and foremost being my mother, being an only child, I have also had to resolve myself to take on temporary residence and employment in Indianapolis. I've been employed by Marshall's Department Store since last December. The store began displaying Christmas mdse over a month ago with an upped receiving schedule of an extra truck a week until Chistmas Day. The Christmas merchandise has taken over the space where Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving displays once were. Sales began increasing by enormous proportions three weeks ago, due to Christmas related purchases. At the registers, customers line up with carts of Christmas gifts, already being purchased, asking about Christmas returns policy and when more inventory is due in.

How crazy is that????? Outrageous in my opinion. I suppose shopping early has it's advantages but the stores displaying Christmas at the incling of fall is openly a marketing extravaganza....... and appearantly the American consumer is buying into that. The fun and anticipation is being taken from holidays not yet celebrated. Maybe we'll have the grandkids trick or treat as Santa n elve's this year........Call me a traditionalist. In stride with being a pumpkin hunter myself, and my husband no longer home to grow our own, I sent he and my son on a mission for several smaller pumpkins, suitable for special purpose. Since they have named October, "Breast Cancer Awareness Month", I've asked my grandaughter to come over n help me paint our pumpkins pink before carving....

For Christmas this year I will NOT be shopping early and buying into the monitary hype that seems to be sweeping our country but rather the gifts I give this year will ALL be related to THE REASON FOR THE SEASON......

At any rate Charles, I hope things come out well for your father with his health issues. I'll request he be put on our special prayer list and will request a prayer chain. I do believe there is incredible power in prayer.........Plz keep us posted.........

Have a blessed day, Silverlining

-- Posted by Silverlining on Wed, Oct 20, 2010, at 10:06 PM

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