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Holy Excrement!

Posted Wednesday, November 10, 2010, at 6:24 PM



On Monday, Nov. 9, at about 5:30 p.m., California time, a Los Angeles news helicopter filmed a large, ICBM-type missile rise from the ocean and head toward space in a Westerly direction originating from about 35 miles west of Los Angeles. The missile launch was visible to the people of LA. Immediate calls to the FAA were met with responses of no aircraft in the area. Immediate calls to the Navy were met with responses that there were no U.S. Navy vessels in the area. Calls to the Air Force, NASA, and NORAD were met with "Not us." Now government officials are trying to explain it all away as nothing to worry about. We were never in any danger.

So what does this all mean?

(WARNING! What follows could easily be turned into fuel for the conspiracy wackos!)

If the most accurate descriptions and explanations are typically the ones made closest in time to the event, it should be safe to rule out every other explanation other than what was obvious at the time it happened: A submarine performed an underwater launch of an unarmed ICBM.

Notice no one has released the Los Angeles International Airport radar images, which would have picked up this object with every other object in the air. It would be immediately apparent that this object rose out of the sea, came from land, or was an aircraft. Also note that there are no pilots speaking out saying that it was something other than what it looked like.

First, it is highly unlikely that it was either a planned or accidental launch from a U.S. submarine. If it was a planned launch, done right before the evening television news, high government officials would be discussing the intended meaning of the launch. Eg. A warning to China or a general warning that we are still quite ready and capable of using our most dangerous weapons; submarine launched nuclear ICBM's. Moreover, it would be a bad idea to launch a missile in some of the busiest air space in North America. If it was an accidental launch, the Navy would be all over it like stink on excrement. Given that things like this don't stay secret long, some officer will say something to his wife, who will say something to a friend, who will say something to a reporter. We would be hearing about it.

When we ask ourselves, "Who is crazy enough to do it?" North Korea and Iran jump to mind. However, it is not likely that it was either of them. While it is possible that they have the technology to do it, it is not likely. Additionally, if they had done it, they would be bragging to the world that they had gotten to within 35 miles of American soil and launched an ICBM. It would be the ultimate coup.

There are no other third world nations who have the technology to do this or a reason to do it.

When we look at who has the technology to do it, we can pretty much rule out England, France, and any other NATO member. It is just too remote of a possibility that an ally would do it.

That leaves Russia and China.

Unlike the typical UFO, which is typically seen by some hill jack in some remote area with a conveniently handy camera and bad film technique, this launch was just off shore of one of the largest urban areas in North America immediately before the evening news. Someone wanted to make a statement.

Russia and China don't need to impress any third world neighbors or buddies. Russia and China can send private communication to the appropriate people or entities without the message becoming public. Neither Russia nor China would do this for bragging rights. It was to make a very loud, very public, point to the very top of our government while trying to make the average citizen nervous.

Why would Russia or China want to embarrass our military or the President. What kind of message would they want to send? Why would they do it?

Russia has been trending back toward the "old Soviet days" in the last 10 years. China has become increasingly militarily belligerent in the past 20 years. The mainstream news typically doesn't cover the fact that China has militarily invaded and conquered several islands within its sphere of influence. Likewise, it is rarely covered that, as Winston Churchill predicted, the Chinese military sees us as the next great enemy.

It is worth noting that almost all wars are either fought for God or money. Both China and Russia have huge stakes in the U.S. dollar and in our economy. If many (but not most) U.S. and European economists are predicting that our plan "monetize our debt" could lead to hyper inflation, investors in our debt like China and Russia could be quite nervous or even angry that we may intentionally destroy the value of their investments.

Needless to say, this is just conjecture. However, you don't just launch an ICBM 35 miles from Los Angeles without trying to make a very strong point. Odds are that the President has gotten the message. Keeping a sharp eye on the President and Washington will likely reveal clues to what really happened and why.

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-- Posted by karenmeister on Thu, Nov 11, 2010, at 1:10 PM

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