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Holiday Cheer

Posted Sunday, December 5, 2010, at 11:36 AM

I suffer from a touch of seasonal affective disorder every year. I hate waking up in the dark. Regular readers may recall that in previous posts I have mentioned that if awakened in the pre-dawn hours, to me, it is not yet morning. To me, it is still last night. In my mind, God intended the darkness for sleep! (Incidentally, summer daylight savings drives me crazy as I am supposed to go to bed while it is still daylight!)

Living along the 40th latitude as we do, if you have a day job, there is no choice but to get up in the dark during the winter months. The recent overcast and rain (Heaven knows we needed the rain) have not helped.

In mid October, walking through grass, I stepped into a low spot, twisted my knee, felt something inside give way, and fell. My right knee has been swollen and painful ever since. According to an orthopedist, I badly tore a meniscus. I didn't even know I had a meniscus! Now that I know I have one (or two) it is torn. Now I get to have knee surgery.

I was born with knee problems. By high school I was medically limited to walking, bicycling, and swimming. Being an active person by nature, in Jr. and Sr. High, I would bike a 15 miles circuit through the country several times per week. By college, due to progressing knee problems, I was barred from my bike. Between the ages of 19 and 21, I had three reconstructive surgeries on my left knee.

This knee surgery will be on my formerly "good" knee. Having had three knee surgeries, and three root canals, I would rather have another root canal. Another touch of the blues.

As the people of our community struggle with the current economic environment, local businesses, like mine, also struggle. It is no mystery that things are less than robust these days. Yet another touch of the blues.

I have never been the kind of person to allow things to build up inside. Typically, I poke fun at my problems with my friends and associates. Sometimes I casually "blow off" with people I know. Letting out little puffs of steam keeps pressures from building preventing explosions.

Well, recently some people came together, discretely pulled me aside, and filled me with holiday cheer. It left me speechless. Not an easy thing to do to a lawyer.

No one goes to see a lawyer for things that of which they are proud. Either they have to come to terms with bad choices they have made or they are suffering from the bad choices of others. Lawyers tend to dwell in the darker parts of life.

But once in a while, people do things that show you the other side of life. They do things, which show the meaning of holiday spirit. They leave you speechless.

Thank you for lifting me from darkness. Thank you for showing "the reason for the season." Thank you for sharing with me holiday cheer.

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