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Texting can be Dangerous

Posted Thursday, February 10, 2011, at 2:32 PM

We have all heard the various claims of danger from using cell phones; particularly texting. Here is a new one.

Russia is likely the most frequent victim of Muslim terrorist attacks in the non-Muslim world. One of the techniques is for a willing victim to wear explosives, go into a densely populated area, and blow him or herself up.

In the event that they would be Muslim terrorist has a sudden conversion to Christianity, atheism, or whatever, on the way to the target, the explosives also have a "radio" detonator. This helps the handler keep the "martyr" on track.

In Russia, on New Year's Eve, there was an explosion in a Moscow apartment approximately one hour before midnight. The Moscow police and other authorities have recently completed their investigation.

As it turns out, the wife of an Islamic terrorist who's semi-permanent home is a Russian prison decided to become a martyr for the cause. (Apparently, the husband was of the non-martyr variety of terrorist.) On New Year's Eve, she had put on her explosive vest and was preparing for her final night on the town.

Although her evening festivities ended early, she still had a blast.

The radio detonator typically used in suicide bomb attacks is a cell phone. Unfortunately for her (fortunately for Moscow revelers) a "Happy New Year!" text was sent to the phone number of the cell phone being used as the remote detonator. When the text was received, the phone rang. The ringer is the electronic switch used for remote detonation. Party over.

Generally, I have no use for text messages. As this is the 21st Century, why would I want to revert to the equivalent of sending Mores Code when I can have a voice conversation?

Now I can see the advantages. Text to your heart's content, dear readers. However, be sure to include random messages to random numbers to do your part for national security.

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