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Number 4

Posted Thursday, June 9, 2011, at 12:22 PM



It's now official. We are involved in war number four. I had heard from friends in that neck of the woods a few months ago that we have been bombing Yemen. Now it is public knowledge.

Can anyone explain something to me? In this Yemen war, whose side are we on? Are we supporting the government? Are we supporting the rebels? Are we "just" attacking AQAP (Al-Qaeda Arabian Peninsula)? I am not aware of any other war where I didn't know whose side I was on.

If we are going to start bombing everyone in the Middle East and North Africa who are not overtly our "friends," then why aren't we bombing Iran? Iran has just publicly announced that they are tripling their uranium production and plan on testing a nuclear bomb soon. For months, there has been open revolt in the streets of Teheran. Pro Western revolts. But the last time I heard Iran addressed, we were not in the business of toppling governments (except Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria, and possibly Yemen).

I was always told that liberals opposed war. Liberals don't like the military. Liberals don't get involved in the affairs of others. What gives?

Other things that I don't understand are:

Goshen College, in Goshen Indiana, has pulled the national anthem and will no longer play it at sporting or other events. It is too warlike and goes against the principals of their college. Can anyone explain this to me?

The newspaper USA Today announced on its front page that the current total financial obligation of the United States is $64 trillion or $534,000.00 per household. How can this ever be paid without an incredible devaluation of our currency? Will we have to overtly default on our obligations? Will we have to go into hyper inflation?

The environmentalists in Australia are about to start the wholesale slaughter of camels. People who kill camels will be given carbon credits that they can use to purchase gasoline. Apparently camels emit a lot of methane and CO2, which is warming our planet. Down in Oz, the answer to the global warming problem is to kill the camels. Does this make sense to anyone, or is it just me?

Once in a rare while, I feel like sticking my head in the sand and wait for the world to pass by. Can anyone tell me where the nearest sandbox is located?

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I think Mr. Hear that unfortunately, I don't know whose side we are on either. But these nations (if not for some involvement from somewhere UN?) that they will all become theocracies just like Iran, with an Ayatollah at the helm. Battle being fought by the Muslim Brotherhood, and they only want to be on the winning side, regardless of ANY since of democracy.

-- Posted by Conservative Dad on Sat, Jun 11, 2011, at 7:02 PM

There are answers to your queries Charles and may I suggest that you order on Amazon "God's War on Terror" by Walid Shoebat. This book will really open your eyes about Islam and also the term we Americans tend to use so loosely from our lips, "jihad". Once you have read this book, you will find that your life will begin to change because great knowledge becomes great responsibility and that can be a burden trying to educate others on things they are unwilling to hear or believe.

The ribbon is off the box of Islam and inside is a very ugly future for the USA if we DO NOT wake up NOW and begin doing something immediately, we will not recognize our country in just a few short years.

-- Posted by karenmeister on Mon, Jun 13, 2011, at 12:49 PM

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