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Spring Will Arrive On . . .

Posted Thursday, February 2, 2012, at 2:47 PM



In another month or so, between Marti Gras, The Final Four, the Daytona 500, etc., the annual pass time of guessing when the arrival of Spring weather will begin. Conversations will be filled with lambs and lions.

I have a prediction.

Perhaps the smartest man I have ever known is my father. Although he is an electrical engineer by trade, he has spent a lifetime studying gardening and nature. His observations and study have convinced him that Spring arrives with Easter. When Easter is early, Spring is early. When Easter is late, Spring is late.

The Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar, established the calendar (with minor tweaks) that we now use. It is based on the Earth's transit around the Sun. In the "Eastern" part of the world, traditional calendars are based on the cycles of the moon. Seasonal weather seems to shift with cycles of the moon rather than our position around the sun.

The ancient Hebrews, like the Islamic people today, used a lunar calendar. The date that Easter is celebrated is based on the date the Passover is celebrated. Because lunar and solar calendars never match up, Passover and Easter are always floating around on the calendar. This year, Easter falls on April 8.

Looking in my gardens, I see my daffodils have sprouted and are several inched tall. It may not be too long before they send up flour shoots. The buds on the trees have also started to swell. If the yard wasn't so mushy, the grass could use a trimming. It looks like Spring could be here at any time. Beware! It's February in Indiana!

My prediction is that around March 8 we will be convinced that Spring is here. But Mother Nature is not to be trifled with lightly. The flowers, trees, birds, and we shall be surprised by the lion's growl. I predict that march will keep us on guard with snow, ice, and powerful thunder storms.

After Easter, we will move into more traditional April / Spring weather.

Happy Groundhog Day . . . again.

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