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Kony 2012

Posted Wednesday, April 25, 2012, at 7:51 AM

As I have been driving and walking around town the last couple of days, I have seen signs and fliers which simply say, "Kony 2012."

How bazaar. It this a local candidate for election? Some sort of third party wacko wanting to make an ego driver splash?

A closer look at a flier on a light pole revealed the picture of an angry black man in a quasi military uniform in front of Osama bin Laden and Adolph Hitler. Below "Kony 2012," it said, "The Worst."

Great. Another twist. Is this a Keith Olbermann "The Worst Person in the World," skit? Is it some sort of slander of a political figure? Perhaps an ad for a rock band in the area?

I took down one of the fliers and took it home. I typed Kony 2012 into Google to see what turned up. I reluctantly clicked one of the links that popped up and sat spellbound, watching a 29-minute movie on YouTube about Joseph Kony, the most wanted man in the world, and leader of the grotesquely misnamed Lords Resistance Army.

He is virtually unknown and leads an "army" that very few have ever heard of.

The world is filled with large scale travesty and outrage. Who cares?

Kony's "army" roams and terrorizes parts of Uganda, the D.R. of Congo, and S. Sudan. Just another hell hole in a world filled with hell holes and injustice. "Oh, your family was murdered. Sorry to hear it. Just don't ask for any of our tax dollars. Life is unfair. Deal with it."

But this is a little different.

Joseph Kony is a warlord fighting for the ideological principal that he should have power, wealth and child sex slaves. He has kidnapped 30,000 children, forced them to kill their parents, and then either turned them into child soldiers or child sex slaves.

Few cared about Osama bin Laden until he became famous for destroying the World Trade Center. Hitler would probably be thought of in equal terms as Kaiser Wilhelm but for the holocaust of the Jews. But no one cares about Joseph Kony because no one has heard of him and what he does is in a place that no one really cares about.

One man decided to change that. His name is Jason Russell. But after years of hitting stone walls in various governments, he decided to take his case to the ultimate power: The people.

Jason Russell decided if you are human and alive, you matter. That if no one else would help these invisible children in East Africa, he would.

To that end, he decided to make Joseph Kony internationally famous because if people knew about him and what he was doing, they would care.

If enough people cared, they would do something.

America fought the Civil War in part to end the tyranny of inhumanity of slavery. We fought Germany, Japan, and a Cold War in part to end slaughter and oppression. In the last 20 years or so, we have sent U.S. troops to virtually every hell hole on Earth because we didn't want to see another Cambodian Killing Field or Auschwitz.

There is no vital U.S. national interest in Uganda. But one woman, Mother Theresa, made a difference in the hell hole known as Calcutta, India.

Now, Jason Russell wants to make a difference for these "invisible children" in Uganda and the surrounding area.

I for one support him. I strongly recommend that you watch the 29-minute YouTube video he put together. Then decide if you still don't care.

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