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The Internet Ruins Everything

Posted Thursday, September 6, 2012, at 3:56 PM

In Terre Haute, in a parking lot across from the fairgrounds, there was a spontaneous after-party following the diesel truck extravaganza. On the back of a flatbed, a 24-year-old female put on an explicit public show reminiscent of the most decadent days of Rome. She is now known affectionately as "Bottle Girl."

Apparently everyone in the crowd had a cell phone with a built in camera. Among the dozens of photographers, one person put a video on the Internet, which went "viral." The Terre Haute City Police were able to analyze the video, obtain the identity of Bottle Girl and arrest her for public indecency.

The Internet ruins everything. Now that everyone has a movie camera on their telephone, you can't do anything without it being seen by potentially millions of people.

I went to Ball State University, in Muncie, in the 1980s. At the time, Ball State was a nationally ranked party school. Incidentally, IU had been declared "professional" and ineligible for ranking.

In 1985, my naive Catholic school eyes were opened to the ways of the rest of the world. At off campus parties, for just $2, girls could have all the beer they could drink. An education could be had both on and off campus.

Just for the record, the off-campus education in the 1980s was grammar school compared to today. Girls just wouldn't do the things back then that they apparently will do today.

Returning to the point, back then, people could debouch themselves in relative anonymity. Sure, your friends may tease you for years about it, but you didn't have to explain to your parents, future wife, employers, etc. If you didn't get caught, you didn't have to worry about the police coming for you after the fact.

These days, young adults just can't have good, clean, dirty fun without it being plastered all over the Internet. Reputations and lives are being ruined. It's almost like your parents, or the police, are looking over your shoulder all of the time.

Big Brother is finally here. How are you supposed to sin if everyone is videoing everything? As one Internet commenter stated, "What kind of a police state do we live in where a girl can't ..." OK, I guess I really can't quote him, but you get the point.

Before you start feeling bad for Bottle Girl, you should know that she is taking all of this in stride. The young lady does not seem too concerned about the charges, the very public revelation of her name, the attention she is getting or the capacity of her body to store recyclables. When interviewed by a local TV news reporter, she stated she has no regrets. She is trying to get an agent so she can make money off the event.

On her Facebook page, she is even asking for suggestions about T-shirt ideas to commemorate the occasion. When responding to queries on her Facebook page, she wrote: "Okay. I mean. Prosecuting someone after the fact for something as benign as 'misdemeanor nudity,' when there weren't even any complaints about the nudity at the time of the nudity, is pretty weak. So @#$% that!"

In this voyeuristic Internet age, good people, people with self-respect or people with something to lose, had better just stay good. If you chose to stray, you had better have no modesty or shame like Bottle Girl.

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I think of Rodney King and other type events that would have went the opposite way, had everyone had a camera. They repeat over and over everyday. They are bad in a way, but they hold public officials accountable too. The shows on TV about corrections officers having a scuffle, also shows someone there with a video camera to accurately record what took place.

-- Posted by Conservative Dad on Sun, Sep 9, 2012, at 3:08 PM

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