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Israel again and again and again ...

Posted Monday, November 19, 2012, at 5:55 PM

Truth be told, I have lost count of how many Israel-Arab wars there have been and I am not sufficiently interested to do the research necessary to find out.

The first Arab-Israeli war was in 1948.

The most recent may be as soon as tomorrow, assuming you don't count the air strikes happening now as war.

Various interested parties are presently in Cairo, Egypt trying to negotiate a peace agreement.

Personally, I hope the effort fails.

If peace is reached, there will be war again.

Sadly, the Israelis need to go in to Gaza and clean the place out Old Testament style.

They can't make the Arabs stop hating them, but they can make them think that it is not worth fighting about.

Remember, it was assumed destruction that kept the USA and the USSR from going to war.

Cleaning out Gaza seems particularly necessary today.

About a year-and-a-half ago, there was a minor scandal when a Saudi official publicly stated the Obama Administration was neutral on Israel.

Whether the administration was neutral or not, the perception of neutrality was enough to stimulate Israel's enemies to arm their proxies and urge them to attack.

If there is to be any hope of understanding why the Arabs and Israelis are doing what they are doing today, you need to know a little history.

For some reason, people seem to have the mistaken belief that Jews invaded Palestine and kicked out the Arabs living there.

Not true.

Following the attempted genocide in Europe, huge numbers of Jews emigrated from Europe to America or to the British colony, Transjordan.

Transjordan was so named, as it was the land, which straddled the Jordan River, the center of Biblical Israel.

The British of the 1940s felt much the same about the Jewish immigration to Jordan as we do about Mexican immigration here.

Officially, they were against it.

As a practical matter, they only made a half-hearted attempt to stop it.

But Jewish radicals, called Zionists, wanted to drive the British out of Jordan so they could set up an independent socialist Jewish government.

The Jewish immigrants lived primarily west of the Jordan River in a Province the British named Palestine.

The Brits took the name from the Romans who, after wiping out the Israeli Jews in 70 A.D., re-named the place for the Jews' archenemy, the Philistines, calling the place Palestine.

Roman Palestine included parts of modern day Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt.

The Zionists attacked the British until they finally withdrew in late 1947 and turned the place over to the brand-new United Nations to deal with.

The U.S. proposed carving up the place, making many ordinary Jewish immigrants happy.

Almost immediately after the U.N. proposal, the Arabs attacked the Jews.

After the 1948 war, it is the Arabs who separated themselves from the Jews and withdrew.

Of the 16 regions of Palestine, the Jews were the minority in each and every one of them.

The majority of Jews were content to live among the Arabs, a large minority of which were Christians, so long as they were allowed to practice their faith.

Even today, in the "undisputed" portions of Israel, there are large populations of Islamic Arabs.

Unfortunately, Islam teaches that Jews are bad and someday, with the approval of God, they will be wiped out.

The tolerance for religious diversity in Mediaeval Turkey and Islamic Spain proves that it is possible for Moslems and Jews to peacefully co-exist.

Unfortunately, the latter half of the 20th Century was the beginning of a fundamentalist revival in Islam.

This movement has now spread to the point that there are elements of this movement in virtually all-Islamic populations.

It is a sad fact that human nature is much more influenced by fear than the desire for peace.

So long as these fundamentalist Moslems chose to hate the Jews more than they fear for the lives and safety of themselves and their children, there will be no peace in Israel.

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I heard someone say once that this is actually the 13th crusade.

God told the ancient Israelite's to wipe them all out. The failed to do that. So this is where we are today. They did not do what Jehovah (YHVH) had told them to do. Their children are now suffering the consequences.

-- Posted by Conservative Dad on Fri, Nov 30, 2012, at 4:03 PM

i personally don't think mr. hear is crazy. i personally think he is a lot smarter than he lets on.

happy thanks giving to you and your family.

-- Posted by madmarkbedwell on Thu, Nov 22, 2012, at 6:26 AM

Are you crazy?

-- Posted by alwaysopenminded on Tue, Nov 20, 2012, at 10:11 AM

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