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Posted Sunday, November 25, 2012, at 1:38 PM

Now that we have solved the Israeli-Palestinian problem, it is time to start taking credit.

Primary credit goes to the indispensable Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Her contributions were so important to the process that the agreement had to be delayed for 24 hours for her to get to Egypt from Thailand to make the announcements.

Next of course is the pharaonic President Obama.

President Obama holds the keys to financial and military support to Israel.

Like a puppet on a string, Israel has to jump to each pull of the string. Additionally, the U.S. sends billions of dollars to Egypt and is at least somewhat complicit in the rise of power of President Mohammed Morsi.

Surely, we have to have influence with him.

Finally, President Obama, through his background and life experiences, "feels the pain," of the Palestinians. Surely he has influence there as well.

Let's get real.

Secretary Clinton is shown disrespect by world leaders everywhere she goes. This is particularly true in Moslem countries.

As she is considered "unclean," leaders in Muslim countries either refuse to touch her or will shake her hand with their "dirty" hand; a huge insult.

If we were serious about her being our Secretary of State, the ambassadors to these nations should be brought to the White House and severely dressed down.

This should not be tolerated. But it is.

President Obama was a Muslim in his youth, attending a madras in Indonesia, before he converted to Christianity. In the Islamic world, that makes him an apostate. As an apostate, any Muslim who can is supposed to kill him. An apostate is the lowest of the low.

Christians are considered to be believers in God worshipping in error.

Jews are co-descendents of Abraham, who follow a distorted bastardized set of teachings from God and contemptible for it.

But Moslems are privileged to have the perfect path to God with the true knowledge to get there. To turn your back on this is the worst of the worst.

To assume that President Obama commands any more respect than mild concern for the power he may choose to wield is mistaken.

Egypt President Morsi, who just proclaimed himself temporary dictator, is also hailed as a peacemaker. After all, Egypt holds sway over the residents of Gaza with whom they share a common board along the Sinai.

Just as Lebanon is an unofficial province of Syria, Gaza is an unofficial province of Egypt.

President Morsi is an unabashed leader of the Muslim Brotherhood; the parent organization to Al-Qaeda.

Why would he want peace between the people of Gaza and the "Little Satan," Israel?

To continue to wage war.

Israel is the undisputed toughest kid on the Middle Eastern block. If Israel sends ground troops into Gaza, within a day or three, they will have occupied the entire territory, found and destroyed the tunnels to Egypt, and killed most of the Egyptian agents inside Gaza.

By making peace just before the invasion, all of the anti-Israel infrastructure remains in place. Then, Egypt can pick another fight through their proxies in Gaza at the time of their choosing.

It is hard to blame Benjamin Netanyahu for agreeing to stand down.

Israel has been in a semi-continuous state of war for 65 years. The Israelis are tired and desperately want peace.

But they are understandably unwilling to move Israel to Southern Florida. That means there will be no peace.

In the Old Testament, God led his people from Egypt to the promised land.

Unfortunately, other people were already living there. According to the Old Testament, God told His people to slay them all.

The people of Israel went in and slew and slew. But they, too, grew weary of war and tolerated certain groups of Canaanites and Philistines.

God told His people that so long as they allowed these idolaters to live in Israel, they would be a thorn in their eye.

And so they were to the end. Until the Diaspora in 70 A.D.

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Excellent post. I might add that the Muslim faith has NO respect for women. So how effective is Ms. Clinton really, when dealing with Muslim nations?

-- Posted by Conservative Dad on Fri, Nov 30, 2012, at 4:07 PM

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