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Posted Sunday, December 23, 2012, at 11:59 AM



The President and Speaker of the House Boehner just took a holiday recess from negotiating their respective plans for avoiding the so-called fiscal cliff. I can see their meetings in my mind's eye.

The President, football in hand, says, "I'm over here"

As the Speaker approaches, he says, "I can't believe it."

The President takes a knee, sets the point of the ball on the ground, holds the other point with a finger and gives a warm smile.

The Speaker says, "Not again. Does he think that I am such a fool? Not again!"

As the Speaker starts backing up he says, "Am I dumb enough to think that he's going to let me kick that football? I can't believe it! Not again!"

As the Speaker stops and prepares to run he says, "Am I really going to try it? Not again!"

Running toward the ball with all his might, "I can't believe I'm trying it! Is it really happening again!"

As the Speaker kicks with all of his might, the ball is suddenly pulled back!


WHUMP! He lands on his back, stars circling around.

The President stands over the stunned and hurt Speaker, ball in his hand, and says, "Again John Boehner. Again and again and again."

Adapted from "Peanuts," by Charles Schulz, Nov. 29, 1981.

At what point do you go from having faith in your fellow man to just being stupid. We have seen the same scenario again and again. A political leader apparently determined to save us from ourselves gets suckered into the exact same trap, and agrees to raise taxes immediately for a promise of cutting spending a year or several down the road.

Every single time, the spenders pull the football back and the would be do-gooder comes crashing down hard upon his back.

The President, with his charismatic grin insists that he wants to "cut" takes on 98 percent of Americans. He is even willing to cut some spending. And he would do it too but for certain intransigents in the House of Representatives. Almost as if hypnotized by the smile, Speaker Boehner argues with himself about not falling for it this time as he backs up and starts to run at the ball.

Eight days from today (Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012) the U.S. tumbles over the so-called fiscal cliff where everyone's tax rates go up and spending is cut by 25 percent. It is the deal that Congress negotiated with itself two years ago.

It seems to me that raising taxes on the poor by 33 percent (repealing the evil "Bush tax cuts") and cutting a real 25 percent out of both welfare and military spending may just be the least bad, if not the down right best, choice among the available solutions.

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First thing is that roughly 50% don't even pay these taxes. So the above figures are for the other 50%. Second, I am so sick and tired of hearing, "the rich need to pay their fair share", when 50% aren't paying anything. What is fair about that?

-- Posted by Conservative Dad on Sat, Dec 29, 2012, at 6:39 AM

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