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Unintended Consequences

Posted Thursday, January 10, 2013, at 5:36 PM



Shame on you Mr. President, Vice President Biden, Representative Pelosi, Senator Reed, and others. Shame on you for turning a heartbreaking tragedy into a catalyst to push an unpopular political agenda; disarming the American people.

It has been no mystery that since the Vietnam era, the extremists have wanted to disarm the American public. Through the years, they have concluded that, like trying to boil a frog, it is better to raise the temperature a few degrees at a time than putting the frog into a rolling boil. To that end, "liberals" have tried again and again to regulate and take away from the people various weapons and ammunition.

The word liberal is supposed to mean someone who pursues maximum liberty and minimal government intrusion. However, through a concerted effort and many years, the meaning of the word has been changed into a pseudonym for collectivist or socialist. Today's liberals want to regulate the practice of doctors, how much salt you consume, the kinds and amounts of fat you eat, and the degree to which you can protect yourself, your family, and friends.

The latest effort is a new "Crime Bill" introduced by Representative Pelosi from San Francisco, Calif., while Vice President Biden is in meetings on the subject. It is an update on the bill she successfully got through Congress in 1994 which has sense expired.

The most pertinent parts of this bill is that they would completely ban the manufacture or import of some 150 specific firearms, all firearms that have a "one feature" scary looking gun test (e.g. adjustable stock, or pistol grip, or bayonet lug, or flash reducer, etc.) and make these existing firearms and all magazines, commonly called "clips", holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition NFA regulated.

The NFA, or National Firearms Act, passed in 1934 and amended in 1968, requires the owners of machine guns, silencers, and "destructive devices" (e.g. any weapon larger than .50 caliber) to register themselves, the weapon, and pay a $200.00 tax.

This would make any owner of one of these 150 brands of firearm, or any weapon with at least one characteristic of a scary weapon, or a magazine of more than ten rounds capacity, to register themselves and that weapon or magazine with the federal government.

I have always thought it would be EXTREMELY COOL to have a real Tommy Gun. I have also always wanted to have a real silencer. I have never gotten either because I didn't want to be "on a list." Oh, sure, I am probably on several lists by now. Particularly since I was at one time a Federal Firearm License holder. But I never wanted to be on THAT list. It always seemed like crossing a bureaucratic line to me.

As an ironic aside, in France, shooters are required to have silencers on their weapons to minimize noise pollution. In the Good Ole' U.S.of A., you go on a list.

If this bill passes, there is no doubt that if I have to be "on a list," for the firearms and accessories I already own, I will definitely be in the market for a couple of silencers and probably a Tommy Gun.

I suspect that there are an awful lot of people out there like me.

Having worked with the Indiana General Assembly and also acted as a lobbyist, I learned that for every problem fixed by a piece of legislation, at least three more problems would be created. It is called the law of unintended consequences.

If this gun control law does in fact pass, I fully expect that there will be a boom in sales of silencers, machine guns, and other regulated goodies.

The unintended consequence of this law is that there will likely be fewer sales of semiautomatic look like firearms and a huge increase in the sale of real assault weapons, silencers, and other naughty items that go with them.

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Excellant job of writing. Here is one I know that you will enjoy by Dr. Thomas Sowell:


-- Posted by Conservative Dad on Sun, Jan 13, 2013, at 7:50 PM

Thanks for the reference. It was a good read.

I am just getting warmed up. There is more to come.


-- Posted by Charles Hear on Sun, Jan 13, 2013, at 9:03 PM

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