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Where is Lee Thall?

Posted Sunday, July 29, 2012, at 1:07 PM

Remember Lee Thall, who later added I. M. to his name? I'm sure even the dullest person in Brazil could figure out he was saying "I am lethal". Now, what he meant by that, other than his rather uncivilized tongue, I do not know. But I do know one thing... I miss him. There are a few others I miss too, since The Brazil TIMES started limiting free commentaries from local contributors but Le's kind of special. Some of us decided one way we could voice opinions would be to write a blog for the paper and hope they accepted it. It's worked so far for me. It may have worked too well, as a matter of fact. One article I wrote expressing my so-called freedom of speech landed me in hot water at my place of employment. Go figure... I work a state job. I'm not going into that because I do not care to spend another hour or more with the boss. I do like my job, don't get me wrong. It's just that, well... I'd better get back on track.

Some may have thought Lee Thall as brutal. I looked at him as amusing, entertaining, if you will. That's as long as it wasn't me he was referring to in his words of wisdom. I was curious about Lee long before the paper limited comments, except to paid subscribers. His last post, according to my investigation, was on January 23, 2011. My bet is he's either dead or found a better way of entertaining himself. As for the former, I hope not. For the latter, he sure entertained a lot of us along the way. His on-line bickering included such subjects he seemed to be expertise in: Mayoral races, chiefs of police, the school board, a story on a local stabbing incident, and yes, even me (using my pseudonym in the comment section).

What was behind this man, or person? Was it hatred towards every thing and everyone? Was it his lack of success in something he failed to achieve? Was it his upbringing? Was he a bed-wetter? Did he stutter? Was it, prey tell, his mother's fault? I doubt all of these reasons. I think it was his pure enjoyment to rile people up and get away with it. After all, I didn't now who he was and while I served on the city council, no one there admitted knowing who Lee Thall was. Of course, you know how politicians are. Could have been one of them, but I do know one thing, it wasn't me.

Another thing that engrossed me was the addition of "I.M." to his moniker. Didn't he think enough of us understood he was lethal? Now he had to state "I AM LETHAL" to impose more of a threat? Where was this guy (I am assuming it was a guy) heading? Do you suppose someone found out who he was and bumped him off? Took him for a ride? Rubbed him out? I don't know, but I certainly hope not. This is Brazil, things like that don't happen to local folk, albeit Jimmy Hoffa maybe. Besides, Lee Thall wasn't that important to other people, except maybe me. I've been know to write about controversy, so why stop now? I wrote about my job and I'm still alive; I wrote about the Democrat party and I'm still alive; I wrote about my dream for a recovery house in Brazil and it came to be and I'm still alive. Now I'm writing about I.M. Lee Thall and, well... as of this writing, I'm still alive.

Who knows, maybe he'll read this and comment, too. But, if he's once again changed his alias, will we ever know?

I'd like to hear from him again, just to reminisce a bit. No, honestly, it'd be so I could say I know who I.M. Lee Thall is and you don't.

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I agree....I do miss I. M. Lee Thall, Esq. also. He was definitely unique and thought provoking!

-- Posted by Proud of My Country on Wed, Aug 29, 2012, at 2:42 AM

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