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Do sports even exist outside Boston?

Posted Monday, October 29, 2007, at 4:01 PM

It really takes a lot for me to stop watching ESPN, but I've got to admit that I can barely stand watching Sportscenter these days which could easily double as a spot from the Boston Chamber of Commerce.

You can't watch more than five minutes of ESPN without hearing how Boston has the best sports teams in the world. While of course this is a special year for teams in that region, enough already!!

I remember when I only really hated the ‘Evil Empire' in Yankee pinstripes. But now I can honestly say that I've developed a healthy hatred for not only Boston Red Sox, but definitely the New England Patriots.

The World Series Championship in 2004 had a certain feel good element to it after getting the 86-year monkey off its back. But this year's Red Sox team basically had lost its luster before they got to Spring Training after showering the free agent world to buy another championship.

As a Cincinnati Reds fan and a long term sufferer due to their small market spending, I gag whenever I see the obscene spending by teams like the Yankees, and now the Red Sox, on unproven or mediocre talent or over the hill veterans.

I mean really, they paid $51 million just to meet Dice-K,who had never thrown a pitch in the major leagues. They also threw $70 million over five years for J.D. Drew who gave them all of 11 home runs and a .270 average with 64 RBI. That's surely worth $14 million per season.

Or perhaps a grand total of nine wins this season from Schilling who somehow still commanded $13 million for the year.

I still think that if a player already under contract for a certain amount, can re-negotiate his deal if he has a great season, how about his team asking for a refund if you flat out stink the joint up. (See Andrew Jones' 2007 season).

I find myself wondering exactly what astronomical salary Josh Beckett will be commanding when his current deal runs out at the miserly sum of $10 million per year.

Evidently the current price of a World Series ring is up to $145.7 million which is up slightly from the $134 million the Sox paid to alleviate the thirst of an 86-year old drought between championships.

Credit inflation I suppose.

If the nonstop parade of Red Sox publicity wasn't enough, is anyone else sick to death of seeing Tom Brady's mug on TV.

Yeah he's having a hell of a year, but I'd think he'd deserve more publicity if he actually was seen with his son. But then again, I imagine that little John Edward Thomas' mother, Bridget Moynahan is tired of seeing Brady's mug as well. Perhaps getting a super model pregnant (Giselle) will do that. You probably won't be seeing him much with that child either.

But I digress, back to football.

The media is falling all over itself trying to squeeze onto the Patriots' burgeoning bandwagon. Listening to the talking heads on ESPN you'd think that Brady is the second coming and that we might just cancel the season now and save the Dolphins the indignity of going for the 0-fer.

What has failed to be mentioned is that the Patriots have rung up an embarrassing number of points against a schedule that is a combined 22-32. Hardly the cream of the NFL crop. How bout wins over just three teams with a winning record? Before you just give the trophy to the Patriots, take a look at the Colts who are, imagine that, unbeaten against teams with a combined mark of 25-21! Wow, the Colts have actually beaten four teams with plus .500 marks.

While I'm not saying that the Colts are necessarily going to pound the Patriots on Sunday, I'd really like to shut up the media who are already proclaiming the 2007 Patriots as the greatest ever.

Not to be lost in all the professional sports hype in Boston, is the unbeaten season put together by Boston College and the press by people to make quarterback Matt Ryan the Heisman Trophy winner.

Listening to people talk about him, you'd think he was Tom Brady in a 21-year old body. The final two-minute comeback against a Virginia Tech squad that is hardly as good as their ranking, is being considered his ‘Heisman' signature moment. Never mind the previous 58 minutes when he looked exceedingly average while being harassed by the Hokies' line.

Beating up on the likes of Army, Massachusetts and Bowling Green is one thing, I'll give him some credit if he performs well on the road in Death Valley against Clemson on Nov. 17.

And while I'd like to talk about the Celtics and their uber-deal to bring Kevin Garnett into the fold, but that will have to wait for another day.

I still miss the days when this time of year was reserved for hockey talk about the Bruins in Boston. These days, you'd be hard pressed to even know they existed.

Maybe if Brady picked up a hockey stick they'd get some pub.

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