OBD 2 GPS Vehicle Tracker early check-up features. Know the hidden problems of your car early

ThinkRace Technology offers OBD2 Car Tracker VT200, which can be an ideal real-time GPS tracking device. It offers multiple functions such as mileage tracker, abnormal alarm, an internal 3-axis accelerometer for motion detection, remote upgrade, and dead zone supplement. Apart from that it also provides driving behaviour analysis.

Features such as fault code, power system, air intake system, ideal speed control, cooling curing, and exhaust system, etc. help you in early detection of hidden issues of your car.

Here are some of the unique features of the VT200:-

Hassle free plug and play

Vehicle Detect

Driving Behaviour Analysis

Mileage & Fuel Consumption Analysis

Multiple Alarm

FOTA Upgrade

To place bulk orders and to know more about the product,

visit our website:- www.thinkobd.com



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