It was a clean fight

Friday, May 24, 2019

The McKinley Hill Church was the scene of a very clean battle Thursday afternoon in honor of the last day of school. Families arrived shortly before 4 p.m. to share popsicles and strategy techniques for the End Of School Party and Shaving Cream Fight. Armed with cans of shaving cream the group, which kept growing as the time ticked away for the start of the battle, warriors of all ages took to the field. Many sweetly taunted who their targets were going to be, including Pastor Brook Reinoehl. When event organizer Amy Reynolds yelled “Go” the field behind the church became a splattered mess of shaving cream and laughter, with other family members watching and taking pictures from a safe distance. The event said organizers, is fun outreach for families of school-age children, and a way to blow off the stress of the school year and get ready for summer fun.