2021 Cruising Brazil Fall Edition

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

“Cruising Brazil” is an unofficial grassroots community event, and its fourth installment was a success. It started with a two-hour meet-up at Forest Park around 5 p.m. With upwards of 100 various vehicles available to view, it’s “THE” place to be. However, this time there were other hotspots throughout Brazil to stop off and look at Jeeps, Corvettes, diesel trucks, and lots of front yard displays along the main street before cars “bopped” along Brazil’s National Avenue. The sights, the sounds, the laughter of holding up signs to encourage drivers to “smoke those tires” or “blow your horn” created a nostalgic family event that crossed generations. Along with many children and pets, the community brought out lawn chairs, blankets, coolers, and snack food to enjoy sitting along the street to watch the fun, take photos and videos throughout the night. In the morning sunlight, there were burnout marks on US 40 to remind motorists of the fun time, as many people took to social media to ask when the next event would be.