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Ellsworth visits Brazil, talks politics with residents

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Congressional 8th District Rep. Brad Ellsworth talked politics with more than 50 Clay County residents as part of the "Congress Comes to You" program in the parking lot of Page's Food Store Monday.
More than 20 people of various ages were waiting in Page's Food Store parking lot for 8th District Rep. Brad Ellsworth to arrive with the "Congress Comes to You" program Monday morning.

"Now this is the way to meet people," Ellsworth said. "We could have gone to the courthouse, but this is where people go, where they spend their time. We can sit here in the parking lot and solve the world's problems."

Fulfilling a campaign promise to be easily accessible to constituents throughout the 18 counties he represents, Ellsworth was ready to talk.

Topics varied from the war on terror to farm legislation to social security benefits.

"If issues were easy to fix, someone would have came up with the answers by now and fixed them," Ellsworth said. "The only way I know what message to take back to Washington D.C. is to listen to what the people tell me."

Immigration is a hot topic of discussion on capital hill and in Clay County. Ellsworth said he opposes any legislation that would grant illegal immigrants the right to stay in the U.S. legally.

"You just can't wave a wand to fix the immigration problem. Giving status and rights to people who sneak into our country is rewarding illegal behavior," Ellsworth said, adding that legislation is necessary to stop businesses from hiring illegal immigrants. "We have to cut the incentive to hire illegal workers. We need immigrant labor, but only when the workers are legally supposed to be here."

Ellsworth said officials need to remember to be "fair and equitable" when considering immigration reform.

Tackling questions about taxes and government waste head on, Ellsworth believes taxpayers deserve to know where their money is going, especially if it's going to corrupt corporations taking advantage of a failure to enforce current legislation.

"Waste and fraud happens and we need to stop it. There is currently $1.4 billlion in unpaid federal taxes by corrupt corporations in this country. We could do a lot of good with the money lost, thrown away, wasted by our government," Ellsworth said. "I believe Americans don't mind paying their taxes, but they don't want to be ripped off."

Several Clay County residents wanted to know why nothing had been done about healthcare, an issue for years, although each election year candidates promise to do something about it.

"As long as elected politicians are of the mindset of waiting until after an election to handle problems like healthcare, no one should be re-elected into office," Ellsworth said, adding that lobbyists play a major role in politics. "I listen to lobbyists when they come around, but what my constitients want and feel about an issue, that's how I vote. Six months ago I asked you to adopt me as your representative to government and I adopted Clay County as my home. We may not always agree on an issue, but that's what makes this country great."

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