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Brazil Buzz

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Friday, Paul and I spent a few hours at the VA hospital in Indianapolis. He was receiving pre-op testing. The waiting time between appointments that took us from one station to another was unusually long. The magazines were few and uninteresting. Soaps being viewed by others, on the little black and white screened televisions failed to perk our interests. The audio portions softly drifting toward my ears failed to transmit, fully.

However, we were being entertained and informed about what is going on in the world, currently -- good and bad, newsworthy or not. Of the dozen or so people in the waiting room of the Orthopedics department; one middle aged female, skinny as a rail, wearing not much more than a body of excess skin, saturated with rancid perfume and reeking of tell tale signs of cigarette smoke and alcohol, had the floor. We heard about a successful gastric by- pass followed by a trip to Hawaii, the home of Dog, the Bounty Hunter. She reported that the tough guy is much more handsome in person than he appears on the tube. She said, "Nearby his office you can get plastic sandals for four buckaroos." I notice the one perched over her knee first. I wonder where she found the cowboys to use for bartering.

Alas, it seemed her thought processor was beginning to juice up and her thinking cap was on straight. She tossed back her jet- black mane and moved into a take on the Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation that President George W. Bush offered up for consideration. I read her wrong.

She was not sure if she liked the main framer of the bill, the people addressed in it or our senators.

One old well-informed fellow seated next to the newsy lady filled her in on the fact that Congress had failed to reach and agreement on said bill-a 50/50 split on the vote. He was thinking that wasn't going to get it for little George, the not so tall Texan, She gave the old man a big grin and then pretended to be in serious thought. "I don't care for George Bush-I'm a Bill Clinton gal!"

We awoke from a semi- stupor when she blamed poor little Paris Hilton for messing up the Bush family's plan. She theorized that those star struck senators on the hill were too glued to the media coverage of the celebrity's release from jail to study it properly, before the vote. Imagine that! She added, "Who is she to make a big deal out of going to jail? I've been there and done that. Some of my best friends are locked up in a bigger house than that. She moved about the seat, adjusted her wearing apparel and bade her overwhelmed audience farewell. As she grabbed the handles of the wheelchair of an elderly Vet bearing close resemblance and rolled her charge across the room, the chatterbox was still talking. "Jail time ain't no big deal!"

The patient gifted us with a precious moment. He shook his head and raised a bushy eyebrow. I thought about his trip home. I thought about Tylenol and the trip back to Brazil and quietness.

When we arrived home, it was clear to see that the phone lines were singing, during our absence. A message from our Lori gave me cause to call immediately. Her mood was rather somber. I worry about my children. There was nothing wrong with her or the family. I read her voice wrong.

The Patrick family's home is near the mouth of the Shenandoah River in Strasburg, situated in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in the uppermost part of Virginia. Ten acres of woods, border their property. It is teaming with wildlife.

Thursday evening Lori decided to grill cook baby-back ribs for the gang. She said that the aroma found its way to the nostrils of a young black bear. The teenager came to visit and perhaps chow down. The family grabbed up the grub and watched from a safe distance as he or she snooped and sniffed around the premises and then turned toward the direction, from which it came and lumbered off.

Lori walks in those woods and hikes the surrounding area every time she gets a chance. Maybe she'll see it again. Could be a couple trips through the mall each day would be better!

"Becky Boone" also told me that my namesake, Mary Shannon Patrick did very well, academically this past year. She earned straight A's. We are proud of our youngest granddaughter, as well as her four sisters and the pathfinder!

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