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Harmony Happenings

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Niece Erin came in from Orlando, FL last Thursday. The family met at Mario's (her favorite restaurant) on the first and last day of her visit. She likes to freeze some salsa so it makes it on the plane trip back to Disney World. It was a busy week with the 4th of July, Erin's visit, and sister-in-law Karen's birthday.

Karen's hubby Mikey Roach grilled and/or cooked ribeyes, baked potatoes, cabbage, corn-on-the cob, and all the trimmings. He stops short of cake baking but Sam's makes a pretty good German chocolate that goes great with butter pecan ice cream. It is a family tradition for Mikey to spoil Karen on her special day. The rest of us toted in our covered dishes and enjoyed watching Mikey, the cook, in his once a year Emeril impersonation.

I spent the days of the past week at the Health Department while registrar Joyce Vinson was on vacation. It is always a treat to work with those fine people. Jennifer Freeze is leaving to take a job in Florida. Jennifer Lucas was preparing displays for a booth at the Clay City Fair, alerting people to the many local activities for Homeland Security. Bryan Husband helped to enlarge some of the informational boards. He and Paul Sinders were scheduled to help man the booth during the Fair.

Someone always comes into the Health Department who has been looking for us at the courthouse. We aren't there. The offices have been in the medical building near St. Vincent Clay Hospital for a number of year.s If you are looking for birth/death certificates, health information, smoking cessation clinics, well/septic permits, restaurant inspections, need to file an environmental complaint, or any of the many other services, go to the lower level of the St. Vincent Clay Medical Building. It is located on the hospital's front drive. Many Health Departments across the state have grown beyond the spaces of the county courthouses and had to move to other quarters. They still perform county services but each of those services have greatly expanded in the last several years.

I have learned that many agencies no longer accept the original birth certificates. Many people come in with those originals but tell us that they were not accepted by some office or inspector. If you are planning a cruise, applying for social security, getting a driver's license, etc. you may need a new birth certificate that is on special paper with a raised stamp - a certified birth certificate. The new certificate paper has protective substances similar to the new ten and twenty-dollar bills (the ones that look like play money). The certificates in Clay County are a bargain because you also get a wallet-sized copy that is considered legal, too. You can only get the certificates in the county you were born or from the state office.

This column is written on Wednesday mornings. By the time you read this, the Town Council should have had their July meeting which was rescheduled to the 11th due to the 4th of July holiday. The August meeting will return to the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30 in the Community Center.

Our good neighbor John Day will be moving soon. Although he will be staying in the area, we hate to see him go. Denny will probably get into less trouble with no instigator next door but he'll sure miss John's many creative ideas for mischief and mayhem. We never knew what giant rabbit would be sticking out of the bed of his pickup or what lies, he and his brother Buddy, would be inventing. It has been interesting for the last four years. We wish him well.

Last Sunday, Denny and I headed over to St. Mary of the Woods for lunch. We had heard how nice it was and it was impressive. When we visited there last year to see the alpacas, the restaurant wasn't open. Denny loves to have his omelets (yes, plural) made by the chef while he watches That was one of our treats in Southern Indiana to go to Sunday Brunch at the Executive Inn in Owensboro, Kentucky Although St. Mary's is not as large, the food and the ambience are a strong rival. Real tablecloths with real napkins, real butter, fresh salad fixins' and great coffee always impress me. The hot food bar was nice; the dessert bar was beautiful. Denny spent most of his time at the breakfast bar. We took time to visit the alpacas, too.

I received a letter from Judge Akers and the Superior Court last week. Apparently, it is my turn to do my duty. It seemed very exciting the first time I was picked for a jury many years ago. Now, having served on two, I don't look forward to jury duty but I will be there. The first time I served we had to choose what was legal for the insurance company but not necessarily moral to the insuree. My next experience, I learned more about someone's family problems than I would ever have wanted to know. I knew some of the relatives. So sad. It is an important responsibility but neither case left me with a sense of satisfaction that accomplishing other tasks does for the psyche.

My worst experience was at the Pike County Courthouse. Smokers in the jury were allowed to smoke standing at an open window. That only blew the fumes in the faces of the rest of us. It was horrible. After I started to turn blue, the bailiff decided to change policy and escort the two smokers outside. Three other jurors came up and thanked me for requesting non-smoking in the jury room. One said she thought it would affect her heart but she was afraid to say anything. She thanked me at each break for speaking up. One smoker was very understanding; the other glared at me the whole time we were deliberating and disagreed with everything I said. Trying to be nice did not work with her. She resented having to go out in the cold after being told she could smoke indoors.

None of the jurors should have been put in that position. The smokers should never have been told to just stand by a window in a building that was posted No Smoking everywhere. Prospective jurors should not have been promised that the entire building was smoke free. After the trial, we were told that people who could not tolerate the smoke did not have to serve again. If we were ever called to jury duty again, we were told to tell the court officer that we could not tolerate smoke and we would be excused. In some trials, it would seem to me that having the whole jury of only smokers, or smoke tolerant people, could sway the decision. I hope the policies have changed. Luckily, my name never came up again while we lived at Lake Helmerich.

Happy Belated Birthdays to Ashley West, Peggy Pell, Brenda Shorter, Jack Harper, Karen Roach, Kaelyn Lawrence, Sandy Bell, Mike Mogan, and Elisha London. Belated Anniversary wishes to Mr. & Mrs. John Bridgewater, Mr. & Mrs. Mike Roach, Mr. & Mrs. Ryan London, Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Maurer and Mr. & Mrs. Greg Jones. Happy Upcoming Birthdays to Shaun Short (17th), Shae McCoy ((18th), Hally Sparks (19th), Bell Killion (28th), Nikki Osborn (25th), Marsha Nicoson (29th), Clyde Bryan (30th).

Call (448-8734) or send a note (1892 E. Harmony Jackson Street, Brazil) if you have news.

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