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Harmony Happenings

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Worship Service for Harmony United Methodist Church will be held at the 4-H Fairgrounds this Sunday morning. It is an annual event that many people look forward to during Fair time.

Last Sunday, Donna Dene and David English visited H.U.M.C. to speak about their mission trip to China.

On July 29, a Back to School Party will be held after church. The party will start at noon and run to 3 p.m. Everyone is invited to attend. Nice school supplies will be included in the prizes for the children. Contact Sarah Lawrence at 448-3258 for more information.

I reported for jury duty on Monday. The bailiff made several attempts to check off all the names on her list but some were "no shows". We good and dutiful citizens filed into the gallery part of the Superior Court, listened to instructions, and raised our right hands to take an oath. It was my first sight of Superior Court. Judge Akers should have himself photographed there in front of the huge painting of the American flag. It is quite an impressive sight. Presidential candidates would do well to have such a patriotic backdrop.

Those of us who had given our time to show up, on time, were not too happy about the ones who were not there. Legitimate excuses are excepted. I would guess the absentees to be about seven but did not count the names as the bailiff repeated them several times. The "no shows" will get another greeting from Judge Akers. If I understood correctly, they will be serving Community Service equal to the amount of time the jury spends at the trial. There are important citizen responsibilities that help protect our rights. Jury duty, no matter how inconvenient, is one of those. Sounded fair to me, Judge.

The first twelve people were seated in the jury box but we were all included in hearing the information and questioning from both sides. We sat through an important but monotonous film about jury duty. Part of it was to promote being responsible and taking the duty seriously All of us in attendance had already accepted that or we would not have been present. The information on Voir Dire proceedings, advice on diligent listening etc. were needed but probably could have been conveyed to us by the judge. Still seated in the gallery (facing the box) at that time, I noticed several possible jurors were having difficulty staying awake during the film (the A/C had to be shut off to not interfere with the recording equipment, too!). Considering the temps outside, the courtroom never did get stifling although it was rather warm.

Although, I always take jury duty seriously and work hard to be fair and impartial until everything is said, I would not have been a good juror on this one. My name was so far down on the list that I really never expected to even make it to the jury box for questioning but I did.

Lawyers on both sides gave us some basic information about the case in order to see what jurors needed to be excused or had conflicts. Some were dismissed almost immediately. I caught myself deciding against one side, due to lawyer advertisements, although I had no first hand knowledge of this actual case. I won't tell any specifics since the trial is still going on, but authorities mentioned on one side were people I had long trusted while their counterparts on the other side were people I had never heard of in this area. It was very hard for me not to decide the outcome before the trial even started.

Only five of the first 13-14 were kept after the questioning. I was in the next 12 to go to the box. I would have done my very best to stay impartial but must admit to being glad I was not chosen for this one.

The Clay County Courthouse always impresses me and has since I was a young Girl Scout helping to conduct tours. It is a truly historic piece of architecture. The Evelyn James painting from the first floor was still missing. Hopefully, someone has taken it for repairs. All Clay Countians should be proud of our courthouse and keep the history alive and in the making.

My niece Erin slipped out to photograph the old building when we ate at Marios a couple of weeks ago. She always tells her friends in Florida that Her courthouse is straight out of the movie, "Back to the Future." I picked up a brochure for her to do a little more bragging about her favorite hometown structure. Erin's friends may come from places that have skyscrapers and limousines but we have the best courthouse. Someone needs to do a brochure on the historic documents, furniture, and artwork held there.

Happy Upcoming Birthdays to Shaun Short (17th), Shae McCoy (18th), Hally Sparks (19th), Bell Killion (28th), Nikki Osborn (25th), Marsha Nicoson (29th), Clyde Bryan (30th). Happy birthday to Seth and Shontana Head, too.

Call (448-8734) or send a note (1892 E. Harmony Jackson Street, Brazil) if you have news.

Area Calendar:

July 22 - Worship Service at the 4-H Fairgrounds - Everyone welcome

Harmony United Methodist Calendar:

July 19 - PPRC 6:30, Admin Board 7:30

July 23 - United Methodist Women 7 p.m., Hostess Rosie Pell

July 25 - Christian Quilters 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

July 29 - Back to School Party