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No sleep equals tons of fun

Sunday, July 29, 2007

So, Clay County made it though another fair.

The 2007 4-H_Fair officially ended Saturday with the demolition derby.

I think it was quite a success. The entire county has something to be quite proud of.

It was full of competition, kids taking on each other in all different phases.

Some squared off against one another in shows featuring animals.

Others faced off against each other not really knowing if judges were going to like their product or somebody elses.

Regardless, the fair was full of wonder.

It was really cool to drive from The Brazil Times office to the fairgrounds, readying ourselves to take photos of winners or to work on a featury-type story.

I had the privilege of interviewing several kids who were worth every second of the interview.

I drove from the office one afternoon last week -- you will have to forgive me as the days started melting together after Tuesday -- to interview Whitney Halfhill.

I had covered the 4-H_Dog Show earlier in the week, which Halfhill competed in.

As fair results started coming in, I kept noticing her name in so many different categories.

It made me wonder how in the world she had the time to get anything done.

The interview was fantastic. She really is a busy little beaver, and she surely makes her family quite proud.

We were quite proud, needless to say, to cover the fair this year.

Even though we had a special section that included results and photos for four days last week, pictures will still creep into the paper this week.

There were so many people who competed! So many pictures taken. So many stories written and so many results typed.

Still, the fair was fun to attend. It was fun to cover. It was fun to drink that lemon-shakeup while I was waiting for the Showmanship Competition to come to an end.

But it's time to move on and there are plenty of things to look forward to.

For one, Clay County students will be heading back to classes soon as the school year is almost ready.

By the middle of this month, kids will be on buses ready to head to school.

County roads will be busy again during morning traffic hours as school buses take to the streets in order to pick up children on their way to school.

In a little less than two weeks, children county-wide will be coming home later in the day, book bags straddling their shoulders, actually ready to go to bed.

They'll be prepared to snuggle up to that pillow because their brains haven't been on overdrive for two months.

Being back in school means high school sports will be back in full swing.

In fact, the Northview girls' golf team has already hit the links preparing for its season, which officially begins today.

Football practices for Northview will begin this week as well as do all high school athletic teams.

With high school sports beginning, it means more mileage on the vehicles.

But I digress.

We all want to watch these things happen.

It's part of the spirit of competition. Much like the Clay County 4-H_Fair was as well.

Those kids deserve just as much attention and just as much coverage as any other athlete.

Sure, they're not sweating through three-a-days. Sure, they're not heading out to practice to run five miles. Sure, they're not spending their morning hitting the volleyball in preparation for the upcoming season.

But they deserve just as much coverage as anyone else.

That's why The Brazil Times spent practically the entire week at the fairgrounds.

That's why Dianna Knox surely got tired of seeing my ugly mug grace the door of her office at the fairgrounds after the first five times.

But in the end, it was worth it.

I do think I made myself sick from lack of sleep, however, as I developed an ugly cough Saturday that hasn't gone away yet.

Still, it was worth it. I can get plenty of sleep to make up for it throughout the rest of the year.

It was worth every sleepless minute to see the kids' smiles when they lined up to get their photos taken. And to watch their smiles go into full effect was simply priceless.

We hope to continue fair coverage like this in the future.

Those kids deserve every single inch of it.