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Compton delivers relief from her ice cream trucks

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dylan Monnett, 8, and Jennifer Compton deliver ice-cold treats to residents of Brazil.
Nothing says summer like the sound of music drifting down the street followed by the welcoming sight of the ice cream truck.

Because April Hensley likes the experience so much, she went ahead and purchased two ice cream trucks so she could bring frozen treats to the residents of Brazil.

Currently, she runs routes in Brazil, Jasonville and will soon be adding Linton to her list.

Jennifer Compton likes the job she has as Hensley's assistant.

"I like to meet new people, that's why I do this job," Compton said. "There isn't anything like seeing the look on people's faces when they see you coming. They line up and wait for you to get there, and they are always happy to see you come, and see you go. What other job can you say that about?"

While Compton says it's a job, for her it's more a labor of love. She volunteers her time to drive the ice cream truck around, and she drives it a lot.

"I'm usually out from 2-9 p.m. daily on Monday through Thursday," Compton said. "We have another girl who drives on the weekend, Tammy Fagg. We take turns driving the big yellow truck or the new white box truck."

Compton also does more than volunteer her time. She manages to enlist a variety of helpers along the way. She chooses kids in her neighborhood at West Central Village over the age of 7 to help out. What she receives back from these children is amazing.

"These kids all beg to go out in the truck and help," Compton said. "I've seen their self-confidence increase, their math skills improve and they've learned manners and how to talk to the public. I've brought more than 15 different kids with me on my routes, and watching them wave and talk to people, open up and really grow is just amazing. That's my paycheck."

Compton enjoys taking the ice cream truck into unchartered territories, like Jasonville.

"I had parents running up to the truck to thank me for coming past their house," Compton said. "They had told their kids about ice cream trucks, but most of them had never seen one. It was a madhouse with kids buying ice cream like crazy. I think I went back and refilled a couple of times because I sold out."

On a daily basis, they carry approximately two-dozen treats in each flavor, with more than 18 flavors to choose from.

"My best seller is the Sponge Bob Squarepants ice cream with gumball eyes," Compton said. "Fudge bars and chocolate éclair bars sell fast also."

"We get to have an ice cream when we are done," helper Dylan Monnett said. "Some of the kids got tips and made some money too. I'm just glad I got to go today. I've been waiting a long time to go out in the truck."

Once school resumes, business will slow down somewhat, but that won't stop Compton from driving until the weather gets cool.

"I'll still be around in the area," Compton said, "I just won't start my route until 4 p.m. and probably be driving until October."

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